Common Questions to Expect And be Ready For on An Interview

The questions asked in the interview differ depending on the advertised position. However, there are some general interview questions asked by employers for all types of jobs. Here we discuss some of these interview questions and their answers that can help you prepare for your interview.

Common Interview Question

Q – Tell us about yourself

A – This is the interviewer’s most frequently asked question. It’s the first question almost all employers ask when they go to interviews. Do not respond with your work-related details unless directed to do so. Instead, explain yourself and tell about your previous activities relevant to the position you are applying for. This is the most common question every employer asks, so come up with the correct answer before showing up for the interview.

Q – Why did you quit your previous job?

A – This is another common question. The employer will always want to know why they gave up the previous job. Don’t answer with the negative answer. Don’t mention the main downsides in the management or company of your last employer, and when you do; You will be the one to make a wrong impression. Never become negative, whatever the circumstances. Stay positive and talk about the positive reasons like looking for an opportunity, etc.

Q – Why this company?

Why this company

A – To answer this question, you need to do some homework before the interview. First, you should know the basics about the company and its job profile. If the job profile of the position you have applied for is similar to your previous work experience, you can inform the employer of this and show your willingness to work with the company. Next, highlight your career goals and explain how you intend to achieve them in the company.

Q – What do you know about this company?

A – This question is directly related to the question above. Correct research for the company profile will help answer this question. There is no need to go into the details of the company profile. Instead, identify the general work carried out in the company and the actual work you would have to do in the event of a selection.

Q – What is your experience in this area?

A – Unless you change your job and apply for similar job profiles that you worked on before, it will be much easier for you to answer this question. If you are using a different job profile, you can explain your previous job profile and the benefits of the skills you have acquired to the employer.

Q – Have you applied anywhere else?

A – This is the best question to let the employer know that the jobs are looking for you. Stay honest and mention a few other companies that you’ve applied to without going into many details.

Q – What are your salary expectations?

A – It is necessary to prepare to answer this question before showing up for the interview. Doing adequate market research and knowing the market salary of people working in a similar position will help you determine your expectations. Don’t discuss salary requirements unless asked by the interviewer. Please don’t give the exact numbers and keep them negotiable for future discussion.

Follow the other important tips when you go to the interview. Preparing for these frequently asked interview questions will help you.