Common mistakes when preparing for a move

Moving to a new home can be challenging and exciting, but it can turn into a complete disaster if you are not careful. No matter how big or small the previous move is, a successful move can surely boost one’s confidence in the next one. However, there are instances where this leads to more issues or errors on the next move.

If you’re moving to a new home soon, take note of these common mistakes whilst preparing for a move and avoid doing them at all costs! Also, we will give you some very important packing tips.


Whether your move is months or a few weeks away, procrastinating any step in the moving process may cause you greater stress as your moving day approaches. Even if you are hiring professional removalists Darwin to pack your belongings for the uplift, there are still tasks that you need to do. This includes sorting your belongings, completing paperwork, and securing valuables and important documents.

When possible, revisit your moving checklist and see if there are tasks that you can do as early as possible. Complete at least one task for the move every week, depending on how far the scheduled move is and the number of tasks you need to do. Thinking that you can do them later may cause you to run out of time as moving day approaches.

Assuming DIY is always cheaper

The price of every move is not always the same as there are various factors that can influence the quote. In some cases, hiring professionals to do the job for you is not only more convenient, it is also more affordable.

A DIY move is not always cheaper, especially when you consider the distance between the two locations and what kind of items will be moved. If you are moving several heavy/bulky items, it is highly recommended that you invest in hiring professionals for the uplift to keep your belongings safe.  Be sure to check out options for packing tips for moving house.

Not performing a background check on your removalist

Before signing a contract or accepting a quote from any moving company, it’s best to do some research about its previous works. You may look online for reviews or recommendations to see if the company is reliable.

Aside from the feedback they receive on the internet, you may also ask the company if they have a referral that you can check with. If possible, you may ask those who have used their services before about how they tackled every step of the moving process and if they encountered any issues during the move.

Failing to check prohibited items

Whilst removalist Darwin takes the utmost care in handling your belongings, damages resulting from accidents and other unfortunate events, moving companies often take additional precaution by forbidding certain items that may increase the risk of accidents.

Once you have chosen a removalist company for your move, make inquiries about what items you are allowed and not allowed to take with you during the move. You may also ask for a checklist of prohibited items, so you can avoid wasting resources packing items you won’t be able to take during the move.

Skimping on high-quality packing materials

Quality packing materials are expensive, so some people opt to reuse materials from previous moves or buy cheaper materials. Whilst this option is always available, skimping on high-quality packing materials is not recommended as it may compromise the safety of your belongings.

No matter the size of the move, it is ideal to use new or high-quality packing materials. Aside from sturdy moving boxes, you may use quality, reusable containers to pack your belongings. Whilst these materials cost more, they are designed to provide additional protection for your goods and make them less susceptible to damage.

Avoiding pre-move assessment

Pre-move assessments are very helpful when it comes to determining the requirements of the move. Unfortunately, many people are avoiding pre-move assessment for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they get anxious about letting strangers in the property, looking into various areas of the house.

If you are not comfortable about letting other people into your home, do not avoid pre-assessment completely. Many removalists offer consultations over the phone where you provide all the details needed by moving experts to create your moving plan. But if you like a more accurate quote and moving plan, it’s best to let moving experts visit your home.

Not making an inventory and skipping labels

When packing your belongings in big moving boxes, trusting your memory with the placement of everything is not the best option. Making an inventory and labelling boxes may take more time, but it can help you identify which items are placed in each box. If you are hiring removalists for the move, it will be easier for them to place the boxes in assigned rooms.

Forgetting to pack an essentials bag/box

Packing an essentials bag or box is essential, especially when you’re moving interstate. Whilst removalists will ensure that your goods will be delivered on time, there are instances when there are delays in deliveries. When extreme weather conditions are observed in the location of your new residence or along the way, your removalists may opt to postpone the delivery to keep them and your belongings safe.

Even if the delays won’t take too long, it’s best to have enough supplies that will last at least two days. This way, you won’t have to worry about the extra cost of buying emergency supplies whilst waiting for your belongings to be delivered.

As your moving day approaches, you can expect your schedule to become more hectic. With everything that you need to do, you may find yourself overthinking or fussing over your to do list. You may have noticed from the list above that they are some of the most basic tasks you need to do when moving. These tasks are so simple that there’s a tendency to do them last, only to end up forgetting to do them altogether.

In order to avoid such instances, remember to include even the simplest tasks on your to do list. This way, you can make sure that you will be able to accomplish all the requirements before your scheduled moving day.