Choosing Your Juice Companion: What to Look for in a Cold Press Juicer

Adding a decent portion of vegetables and fruits to your diet can help you meet your dietary requirements. And the easiest way to consume them is by having fruit and vegetable juices, making juicers an essential kitchen appliance. When you invest in a high-quality, dependable juicer, you can juice almost any fruit or vegetable — from spinach and other greens to carrots and pineapples. However, when making the choice, there are certain features that you should focus on to ensure you’re zeroing in on the right cold press juicer that caters to your needs. With that said, let’s take a look at some points worth considering when you’re on the lookout for the perfect juicer.

Motor Power

The motor power of a juicer impacts its effectiveness in juicing different types of fruits and vegetables. For instance, if you consume juices made from leafy vegetables, you might need a powerful juicer that has at least 400 watts of power so that it can juice leafy vegetables without leaving behind chunks and without taking a significant amount of time. Further, you must also consider how much juice you need to prepare in a day to decide how powerful of a juicer you might need.

Pulp Yield

Juicers that produce juices with a good amount of pulp from fruits or vegetables are generally preferred since they retain essential nutrients and may also enhance the juice’s taste. Therefore, if you like your juice to be on the pulpy side, make it a point to check the specifications and ensure you buy a cold press juicer that produces pulpy juices.

Noise Level

When investing in a juicer, most buyers don’t actively consider the amount of noise it may produce. However, if you use your juicer several times a day or use it early in the morning, especially when you live with your family, the noisiness may not be very easy to deal with. Since cold press juicers are not as loud when compared to centrifugal juicers, it might be beneficial for you to consider the former to go about juicing without disturbing other family members or simply to have a pleasant juicing experience.


The speed of a juicer plays a significant role in the retention of essential nutrients in the juice. While you might want to buy a juicer that allows you to juice within a few minutes and save time, the excess heat generated during the juicing process due to high speed may cause your juice to lose most of its vitamins and minerals, as heat tends to oxidize the fibers and nutrients. Therefore, consider a juicer that produces healthy, nutrient-rich juice even if it means spending several additional minutes.

Feeder Tube Size

Cold press juicers feature feeder tubes of different sizes. Juicers with narrow feeder tubes require fruits and vegetables to be diced finely so that they can easily fit into the tube. This can be a time-consuming affair, especially when you consume juices several times a day. Choosing a juicer with a wide feeder tube will help you save time involved in dicing fruits and vegetables, as they can accommodate larger chunks.

Cleaning Time

Investing in a juicer with several parts may require you to disassemble the parts and clean each component on a regular basis. Therefore, look for a cold press juicer with fewer parts that can be cleaned easily without spending a lot of time on the cleaning process.

Availability of Spare Parts

Going for cold press juicers manufactured by popular brands allows you to easily replace their parts when required. Therefore, to ensure you can conveniently find the spare parts of the juicer, invest in a juicer from a reputed brand with several dealers located in your city.

While these are some of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a cold press juicer, there are several other points to keep in mind before you make a buying decision. Buying a juicer requires you to research well and understand your requirements so that the juicer meets your daily needs. Further, since most people incorporate juices into their diet to stay healthy, the key is to find a juicer that helps you achieve your health goals. Take into consideration your budget while also checking the reviews and ratings of the appliance so that you have a better idea about the specifications, features, pros, and cons of the juicer. Further, check if the juicer comes with a warranty so that you can easily get it repaired when needed.