Childhood Education: How to Boost Your Child’s Maths Learning Skills

While many people have problems mastering maths and some even try to get out of studying it altogether. It is an essential skill because we use maths constantly in our day-to-day lives. In addition, maths forms the foundation of many other fields of study such as science and engineering and economics. Therefore, it is vital to help your child to boost their maths learning skills from an early age. Make sure they enjoy solving mathematical problems and love the subject from a tender age.

One of the issues that make many people not get the right maths skills is that sometimes the teachers or parents who should help them with their studies use the wrong methods. Here are some ways you can use to boost your child’s maths learning skills:

Practice counting everything with your child

From an early age, introduce the concept of counting to your child. Being able to count is the foundation of all basic mathematical skills. You can engage or invite your kid to count everything around them, for example, how many of each thing they have on their plates as they eat their breakfast, the number of stairs they have climbed up or down, how many Lego bricks s they have, and so on. With the introduction of counting and getting good at it, children will become well-grounded and have a good grasp of the numbers they will need later in more advanced maths.

Use technology and various learning resources

There are a lot of technologies and learning aids that you can use with your kids to help them learn maths. For example, you can consider Cazoom Maths worksheets. These are specially designed to help your child based on their level. You can find year 2 maths worksheets, year 5, year 8 or any other. These worksheets and other learning aids can help kids to have a better understanding and knowledge of critical concepts in maths including subtraction, addition, multiplication and many others. You can also check out other technologies like online apps, games and others that can help to build your child’s mathematical skills.

Play with your kid games incorporating maths skills

Many kids are intimidated by maths and harbour a negative mindset towards the area of study. However, you can make learning maths fun by using games to help reduce any anxiety they may have about the subject and spark their interest in it. The good news is that there are plenty of games that can assist children to acquire and nurture basic mathematical skills. Some examples of games include sorting games, matching games, and even counting games. These games are not only great educational tools but are lots of fun that your kid will look forward to playing as they learn maths.

Practice maths frequently

As with any other skill, practice is vital to master maths skills. You need to allocate time every day for your child to practice solving mathematical problems. Online resources, worksheets and even books can come in handy in practising mats with your kids. You can also create your problems based on the area the kid is learning at school at that time.


There are many ways you can use to boost your child’s maths learning skills. Some of the methods include practising counting with things around you, using technology and learning aids, playing games involving maths skills and practising solving problems frequently.