Characteristics of the FFP2 farbig masks

The FFP2 farbig masks, unlike the approved hygienic masks, are medical devices and are included within the Personal Protective Equipment or PPE . They are primarily recommended for use by professionals to create a barrier between a potential hazard and the user. In general, and according to Health, their purpose is to filter the inhaled air avoiding the entry of polluting particles into our body.

The Protective Mask FFP2 is an individual protection device (PPE), CE certified and therefore complies with the requirements of EU regulation 2016/425, suitable for its high filtering power, capable of protecting from the risk of droplets.It is made of layers of non-woven fabric of propylene fiber that make it light and hypoallergenic.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of a nasal bar, it can be easily adapted to the shape of your face.The mask is disposable and must be replaced in case of contact with liquids or infected people.

Design and BFE

For protection against Covid-19, this type of FFP2 masks are recommended and they are the ones that we usually see for health personnel and also for some people on the street who may present a high risk of vulnerability.Self- filtering FFP2 masks have a filtration efficiency of 92% and ambient concentrations up to 12 VLA-Medium efficiency.

Among the characteristics of the FFP2 masks, according to their design, they stand out because they are usually white (although there are many colors) and they have a metal clip on the nose to fit correctly. Depending on this design, there are conical, horizontal (duck-beak) and vertical ones . They are somewhat tighter than surgical masks (blue type).

What are the advantages of FFP2 masks?

During the last weeks, the FFP2 farbig masks have gained weight in the public debate, even among our leaders, due to the benefits it presents in the fight against infections. There are many alternatives in the world of masks, from surgical to fabric options, but we are going to detail a series of characteristics that show the reasons why it is convenient to bet on the FFP2 models .

High level of protection

The main reason why it is convenient to opt for an FFP2 mask is its high level of protection compared to the rest of the alternatives available. Despite the debate that exists in this regard, the truth is that these masks filter up to 95% of the air we breathe, a much higher scale than the rest of the options .

FFP2 provides greater protection that can make a difference when it comes to preserving our health and, above all, that of those around us, since it is more effective in preventing the passage of any respiratory particle . Therefore, we have this health reason as the main argument in favor of FFP2.

They are used to protect against medium-toxic solid asbestos, copper, barium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese dust. Respirators are also suitable for work in areas where the air contains harmful carcinogenic dust, smoke and aerosols based on oil and water. They can also be used to protect against influenza and other viral infections.

On the other hand, comfort is also an aspect to take into account when choosing which mask to wear. In this sense, the FFP2 are an ideal bet, since they offer ideal comfort to carry them for a long time. They have an adjustable mechanism at the height of the nose that even increases protection . In addition, they effectively cover the entire area involving the nose, mouth and chin, without the elasticity of the grips causing a discomfort to the chin or ears.

This comfort makes the FFP2 masks the ideal option for those who work in front of the public for long hours . We are talking about workers in the hospitality industry, clothing stores or even other types of professionals in sectors such as receptionists or health workers.

FFP2 maske Blau

The FFP2 maske Blau is CE certified and offers protection for both the mask wearer and the people in the vicinity. The disposable mask is individually packed, 5-ply and has an adjustable nose clip for a secure fit. There is also a mask holder for optional attachment to the back of the head. This type of mouth and nose mask can help protect yourself and other people from infection, FFP2 maske Blau.

Considerable durability compared to other alternatives

Another argument in favor of FFP2 masks is their durability. Although they are not washable, they can be used for several days. The only requirement is that the time that we carry them continuously is not more than eight hours . This is a higher figure than, for example, surgical masks, which it is recommended to discard after four hours of use.

FFP2 Farbig Mask – Important Note

The FFP2 farbig mask is essential for filtering out many contaminants, as we have seen, but remember very carefully that incorrect use can cause consequent illness. Read carefully the characteristics of the materials.Certain materials can cause an allergic response in hypersensitive individuals when placed in direct contact with the skin.

Masks FFP2 farbig Respiratory Mask with CE FFP2 certified filter. FFP2 mask in Blue, Gray, Black and Pink coloring (the color is indicated in the single description).The masks are individually wrapped. FFP2 masks are used to protect the respiratory system from fumes, dust, particulates, aerosols, etc., and filter up to 95% of harmful substances. FFP2 filters follow the standards recommended by the World Health Organization for health protection.

Characteristics of the FFP2 farbig Masks

The FFP2 farbig Respiratory Masks are an individual protective device useful for protecting the nose and mouth because they are able to block solid particles and respiratory micro droplets that can carry viruses and bacteria, thus ensuring protection for the respiratory tract of oneself and others. . FFP2 masks protect themselves and others and are equipped with a 95% degree of filtration towards harmful substances.The masks are colored, to always be protected with style, and are made with non-allergenic material without latex shaped to respect the physiognomy of the face and ensure greater adhesion made up of several layers of filtering and insulating material.

Virus protection

Regarding today’s problem, namely virus protection, it is important to know that filter masks can protect us, but not entirely, from the infectious particles circulating around us. Infection occurs through the nebulization of micro droplets expelled from the mouth during a conversation or from a sneeze. If used correctly, masks can limit the access of droplets through the respiratory tract but they are not the only precaution to be taken.