Celebrities you could meet at the Blackjack table

Super fans across the world follow their favourite celebrities to try and catch a glimpse of them in their everyday habitat. But most of the time, meeting a celebrity happens in chance circumstances.

You never know, your live Blackjack table may have your favourite celebrity sitting at it. These celebrities are fans of the game so the next time you head to the casino, take a look at who’s sitting next to you, it could be the perfect moment to grab an autograph.

Prince Harry

Even royalty enjoy some downtime, and Prince Harry does it in style. Although he now plays the role of husband and father, during his younger years, you would often find the Prince in casinos

Although many expected his Stag Do last year to be a big blow-out event in Las Vegas, many were surprised when he opted for a quiet ‘Hag’ Do (joint Hen and Stag).

Ben Affleck

A few years ago you would have found Ben Affleck regularly at the Blackjack table in Las Vegas casinos. But in 2014, Affleck was told he was no longer welcome to play Blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino after the house suspected him of counting cards.

Affleck admitted that he was counting cards and although it isn’t illegal, his actions meant that he would receive a life-long ban from playing Blackjack at any Hard Rock casino.

Matt Damon

Although Damon is an avid Poker player, it’s not uncommon to meet him at the Blackjack table. Since his role in Rounders, the actor has been a big fan of gambling and does so at some of the biggest casinos in the world.

Damon was at the 1998 and 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and also featured on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live as he played Blackjack with Aunt Chippy. At the time he was wearing a disguise which saw him sport a mullet-style wig and sunglasses – fooling nobody.

Michael Jordan

One of the NBA’s greatest basketball players of all time, Jordan is also a huge fan of the Blackjack table. The legend’s love for gambling, from Poker to Craps and various Sportsbook bets, is well documented. Jordan has also been known to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on friendly bets with pals.

Paris Hilton

As the heir to one of the biggest hotel chains in the world, you would expect Paris Hilton to be famous. Although how she became famous is not as glamorous as the hotels she will one day inherit, Hilton continues to feature at all the top celebrity events.

Her attempts to become a serious actor and singer have taken somewhat of a nosedive, but one talent she does have is playing Blackjack. Whilst playing the table game in Sin City, the heiress won $30,000, and although you might think it was a fluke, she went on to win $50,000 in Atlantic City a couple of years later.