CBD Distillate Pens: The Future?

CBD pens are constantly evolving devices. As one of many new trends in CBD, it may be surprising to learn that cannabis distillation methods date back hundreds of years, when alchemists used alembic pot stills to enhance flavours. It may have been the past, but is distillation the future?

Distillation itself is the process in which raw cannabis extract is boiled to create steam that runs through a condensation chamber. From here, the steam is cooled and takes on a syrupy oil form. A major benefit of this method is that zero impurities carry over into the finished product. The oil is therefore clean, potent and entirely organic without the addition of any nasty chemicals.

While this sounds like the method most CBD companies should be taking, only a few are truly committed to the all-natural process. HighKind is an example of a CBD company taking things into their own hands. Their methods of distillation are entirely natural and the resulting product is an extraordinary blend of aromatherapeutic terpenes.

CBD distillate is perfect for vaping. The oil does not contain any residual lipids, chlorophyll or excess fats, especially in comparison to CO2 extracts commonly found in the CBD industry. CO2 extracts never reach the high standards set by distillation. The extracts are made using carbon dioxide as a solvent, which inevitably leaves residue and undesirable materials. Cannabis distillates are in direct contrast to this.

While they may be clean and purer, CBD distillate vape oil still suffers from a few problems. When purity is above 70%, the distillates can solidify away from a desired honey-like consistency. That spells trouble for those looking to use distillates in their vape pens. Over a couple of days, the CBD oil crystallises, which in turn has an impact on the coil’s chances of taking in the oil. The result is an often unpleasant dry hit, which creates an uncanny burning sensation in the mouth and throat. You can wave goodbye to that coil too.

Fortunately, companies such as HighKind use innovative, groundbreaking techniques to create the very best CBD distillate possible. Methods that focus on terpene content will always result in a more satisfying CBD experience. The entourage effect ensures that terpenes fuse with CBD to enhance the effects, which doesn’t happen with isolates. These processes take time to develop and the future is looking increasingly bright for CBD distillates. Some brands have found a way to manipulate terpenes to stop crystallisation having an effect on CBD products while keeping all the aromatherapeutic benefits.

Investment in more advanced technology and complicated processes often lead to distillates being much more costly to create, especially when compared to concentrates. However, you’re getting what you pay for. In terms of potency, quality and purity, distillates are miles away from CBD concentrates. If you’re a CBD fanatic, you should aim for the very best CBD experiences.

It’s a truly exciting time to be a CBD enthusiast. With various brands focusing on all-natural processes and aiming for the highest quality possible, the future is looking increasingly bright for CBD distillates.