Covers Of Classics That Ended Up More Popular Than The Original

new musicians

With so many budding musicians and seasoned professionals on the market currently, new songs are being released every day for aficionados and fans to enjoy. In some rare cases, these songs become iconic and are then an ingrained part of a national or even global cultural movement.  Often, when this happens, new … Read more

Famous Musicians Who Went Completely Broke

The stories of celebrities going broke after earning fortunes are rampant in the entertainment industry. The filthy rich lifestyle and the sudden massive fame have tested many and numerous celebrities failed in maintaining their riches. There have also been several famous musicians that dropped from the heights of glory into the pits … Read more

Fashion Trends Started by Hip-Hop

Fashion is an art form based on inspiration. It is stimulated and motivated by other aspects of life such as certain events, cultural norms, other art forms, etc. Hip-hop culture is one such inspiration. In the history of fashion, there have been a few trends that were adopted from hip-hop culture that … Read more

Fats Domino: A Look at His Career

Antoine Fats Domino Jr. aka Fats Domino was an American pianist and singer-copywriter born on February 26, 1928, in New Orleans, Louisiana, which has been known as a music haven (and particularly the birthplace of jazz). He belonged to a musical family and was the youngest of his eight siblings. Before learning … Read more

The Underwhelming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is situated on the shore of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It is a place that recognizes and records the history of the most popular and most influential artists, producers, and other noteworthy figures who contributed major influence on the development of rock and … Read more

Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Arts and Music

When one takes a look at the art and music industry, it is difficult to imagine the role AI will eventually play in it. Music is a form of art, and this makes one wonder if automation and machine learning is conducive to it. The same is true of painting, creative writing … Read more

Johnny Adams – A Brief Introduction

Lathen John Adams Jr., born on 5th January 1932 in New Orleans in a religious family, was called as “Johnny Adams” by his fans. He was the eldest of the 10 children of his parents. Johnny Adams was one of the gifted artists with a soulful voice. He excelled in singing blues, … Read more

Johnny Ace: A ‘One of his Kind’ Musical Legend

The world of music is undoubtedly full of legends that have made their own mark and carved their own niche. Among the names of these legends is Johnny Ace, who had a remarkably deep and soothing voice along with a brilliant career. Sadly, though, Ace’s success was short-lived, cut short in an … Read more

All about the Renowned Tuba

We are all familiar with many musical instruments popular in our day and age, but the tuba is one of the most unique inventions of its kind. It’s a usual huge, horn-like wind instrument that requires a certain amount of power and skill to play. The history of the tuba is quite … Read more

The Best of ABBA

ABBA is one of the most well-known musical groups when it comes to the pop genre. It’s mostly known as a Swedish group that’s churned out commercial successes one after another. Among their most famous works are ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Take a Chance on Me’, and ‘Super Trouper’. It was dominant mainly in … Read more

The Rolling Stones: The Artists and their History

Often called the greatest rock and roll band in the world, The Rolling Stones is an English rock band formed in the year 1962 by hardcore rock music enthusiasts. These included Ian Stewart, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Bill Wyman. Later on, with the passing away of some … Read more

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