Aquaman’s Character History: Now Explained!

Aquaman’s Character History: Now Explained!

His well-developed muscles, abs, and brawny figure there are so much more than these characteristics to love about the DC superhero Aquaman. The whole world has witnessed its first-ever live-action last 2018, but movies like AquaMan, Aquaman has an interesting history of more than 75 years that is yet to be understood, appreciated, … Read more

The History of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most famous superheroes that debuted on All-Star Comics in the year 1941. It was later on published and ranked as one of the most recognizable and iconic heroes of the DC Comics. This Amazonian hero with her alter-ego named Princess Diana (also Diana Prince), inspired and … Read more

History of the Superman Comic Books and Character

Superman is one of the most renowned DC Superheroes of all time. Since his introduction in 1938, his blue uniform, red cape and the prominent “S” logo on his chest have been the symbol of hope, truth, justice. However, not all people know that his real-life origin is a story on its … Read more

What Do You Mean the New Thor is a Woman?

The shocking news of Thor’s “gender-swapping” Just very recently, Marvel Comics made quite a big and rather shocking announcement – they declared that the hammer-holding iconic hero Thor will now be a woman, at least in the comic universe. The change was disclosed as part of the “Avengers NOW!” campaign aiming to … Read more