Cultural Impact of the Philippine-American War


Despite the scars that the foreign forces have inflicted on the people of the Philippine Islands, they have no doubt sown the seeds of their cultures in the humble soils of the archipelago – seeds that have now grown even to define the Filipino culture as we know today. The Spanish rule … Read more

Who Were the Main Generals of the Philippine-American War?

The Philippine-American War was fought between the First Philippine Republic and the United States from 1899 to 1901. Many view it as an insurrection as the continuation of the Philippines’ struggle for independence – first against the Spanish rule and then against the Americans. The Philippine-American started when the United States assumed … Read more

Americans Who Acted as Civil Governors in the Philippines

On July 1, 1901, the civilian government, the Insular Government of the Philippine Islands, was established. It transferred the executive authority over the archipelago to the designated Civil Governor. Among his missions was to prepare the country for its eventual independence. The civilian government was preceded by the United States Military Government … Read more

Characteristics of Spanish Colonial Architecture in the Philippines

Architecture in the Philippines hails from centuries-long of absorbing influences from its colonizers. Being under the Spanish regime for more than 300 years, the Spanish colonial period brought a huge impact on the architectural style still seen on many structures like churches, houses, government buildings, and many others today. Here, let’s discover … Read more

The Second Battle of Caloocan

Caloocan City is one of the most urbanized cities in the Philippines, situated at the northern end of Metro Manila. It boasts a vibrant and fast-paced lifestyle, enjoyed by the over 1.6 million people living in its more than 5,000-hectare perimeter. Founded in 1815, the city steadily evolved from a barrio to … Read more

Are There Filipino-American War Memorials?

From museums to city squares, heritage sites, bridges, buildings, and national parks, memorials are erected to remind us of important people or significant historic events, imparting powerful messages about their relevance to the world today. You’ll see the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., which honors the legacy of the 16th president of … Read more

What Was Life Like in the Philippines During the War?

In the past, some countries had made severe mistakes in the name of power, religion, and grabbing the lands. Wars have drastically impacted human lives, and unfortunately, our history is full of conflicts. If you’re a history lover, you must have a good knowledge of the wars, atrocities, crimes, and tragedies against … Read more

Where Can You See Spanish Colonial Architecture in the Philippines?

When one thinks of the Philippines, images of pristine beaches and lush landscapes often come to mind. However, the country is also home to some of the most stunning examples of Spanish colonial architecture in Asia, a legacy of more than three centuries of Spanish rule. These historical structures are not just … Read more

Interesting Facts About The Filipino-American War

The United States entered the 20th century amidst the Filipino-American war that started in 1899. Eventually, the conflict ended with a victory for the U.S., but not without the death of 4,200 American soldiers and over 20,000 Filipino combatants. While those numbers are atrocious, what’s even more abominable is that at least … Read more

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