Casinos in Germany as a legal form of entertainment

Is it legal to gamble in Germany? What gambling games do Germans like more than others? What is the probability of winning? How to hit the jackpot without losing a lot?

How do casinos work in Germany?

Germany is an amazing country with a long tradition of gambling. Gambling is completely legalized here, this hobby is available to everyone today. Slothunter jackpot offers a huge variety of games to suit all tastes. Anyone who can plunge into the world of excitement and is not afraid to take risks can break the jackpot.

German legal framework on gambling

Germany is a large country in the heart of Europe, which consists of 16 entities. Each of them has its complex laws, and several laws operate throughout the country. German legislation is considered by many to be one of the most difficult in the world and it can be quite difficult to understand.

As far as gambling is concerned, until 2008, online establishments were not regulated at all. Anyone could open a gambling business and make a profit. However, that all changed after the adoption of the Interregional Gambling Treaty, which banned all online gambling clubs in the country. Club owners are no longer able to obtain a license to operate.

However, this law does not prohibit Germans from placing bets in casinos that have been registered in other countries. Thus, everyone can enter existing online casinos, place bets in Euros, and have a good time.

The only problem is that if for some reason, the casino refuses to pay money, then the player cannot apply to the relevant government authorities to achieve justice.

Is it legal to play in land-based casinos?

At the moment, more than 120 casinos throughout Germany operate legally and have the appropriate license. They are all in different subjects, so different rules apply here. In Bavaria, for example, you can play from the age of 21, and in Berlin from the age of 18.

In addition, every successful player must be willing to pay tax on winnings, and in some cities, it is almost 80% of the profits.

Some casinos introduce a dress code, so only people in expensive suits and ladies in evening dresses can enter here. On the one hand, it helps to go back several centuries, when casinos were almost the only entertainment for the nobility (by the way, many offline casinos are located in old buildings, decorated with gold, and have the same design as in the 19th century). But, this significantly limits access to them for the middle and lower class.

In addition to the casinos themselves, you can play in numerous bars and cafes where slot machines are installed.

What are the most popular gambling games in Germany?

Almost all the most common types of gambling can be found in Germany. But the most demanded of them are:

  • Slot machines with jackpots;
  • Poker;
  • BlackJack;
  • French and American roulette.

Each of them has its unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Slot machines

More than 30% of all Germans admit that they regularly play slot machines. This is not surprising, because today they are as affordable as possible: they can be found in all online and offline casinos, in cafes, restaurants, and sometimes at gas stations.

Most of the major online casinos like SlotHunter have mobile apps. Therefore, you can play at any convenient time and place.

But slot machines attract not only by their availability but also by small bets, high probability of winning, and the most simple rules of the game. Here you can hardly lose large sums of money in one evening, but you are guaranteed a good mood.

Some slot machines have a jackpot function. This is the maximum amount players can win if they receive several certain combinations. It is really difficult to hit the jackpot, but such payment will help cover all the costs of gambling in a few years.

As a rule, most of all gambling games, including slot machines, are available in beta-version. You can play without risk and registration. This will help you get to know the game system better, learn all the rules, and also develop your strategy. This mode is very useful for beginners because it will reduce the likelihood of loss due to an incorrectly pressed button or a rash decision.


Poker is one of the most famous card games in the world. It aims not only to test the player’s luck but also to teach them how to bluff.

Here, even with a bad combination of cards, you can win big money if you are confident.

The only drawback is that you have to memorize a lot of combinations, but this is typical for many card games.


BackJack is another popular card game that has the simplest rules, is played within a few minutes, and gives you the opportunity to win good money.

It is for the sake of blackjack that many players come to a real casino because the game helps to enjoy the skill of the croupier.

French and American Roulette

Both types of roulette are quite similar to each other: there is a large drum on the table, which rotates on it. The croupier throws the ball and your win depends on which cell you stop on.

The difference between French and American roulette is that in the second variant, as many as 2 zeros appear on the reel, and the numbers are arranged in a slightly different sequence.

The game is aimed at testing your luck and your ability to take risks.


Regardless of whether you like to gamble in online or offline casinos, Germany has created good conditions for a pleasant pastime and you can get casino bonus on Even though the country does not have its licensed casinos, it does not prohibit its citizens from using the services of foreign sites.

Anyone can gamble here (there are only age restrictions). You determine the size of the bet yourself, so you will not lose more than you can afford.