Can foods make you feel high?


CBD comes from hemp plants. You will be curious to know that CBD makes you high or not so the answer is NO. Cbd doesn’t make you high.It has negligible amount of THC that makes it easy to use and consume without going to the dream world and feeling high.Cannabis that has high amount of THC can make a person feel high and take you to the dream world.CBD has widely accepted in US and there are many products that are available from cbd gummies,tinctures,oil to cbd soaps.You can buy the effective CBD Oil from various online stores.

Poppy Seeds

Have you seen those tiny purplish-black seeds on your favorite bagels? They are nothing but poppy seeds. Whether it is the seed pods or poppy seeds, they are loaded with opium. Every inch of the poppy plants contains opiate compounds, especially morphine and codeine. These elements are the same as heroin drugs. So you might have to skip having a poppy bagel before the drug test at the airport now! 

1. Nutmeg

You will find no list on the internet of foods that make you high without nutmeg’s name on it. On having only two tablespoons of the nutmeg powder, you surrender your entire body to it. This spice is so powerful that it’s overconsumption can cause symptoms like runny nose, sweats, flu, fever, dry mouth, and slower brain function. Not only does it gets you high, but it also makes your body feel sensations like hell. Either you smoke or eat nutmeg, you will get high for sure! 

2. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are our favorite ingredient for pizzas. But a few varieties of mushrooms such as the Ontario’s magic mushroom is packed with psychedelic compounds like psilocybin and psilocin. Both of these chemicals can make humans lose consciousness and get high. So next time when you put magic mushrooms on your pizza, take care of the quantity.

3. Angel Trumpet

The Angel Trumpet is another flowering plant like the poppy plant used in food items. In Miami, people call it Bella Donna, and it is famous worldwide as Datura. The most popular use of this plant is tea, but people also eat its leaves, flowers, and seeds. It can give you blurred visions and hefty hallucinations. If consumed too much, it can cause difficulty breathing and can be fatal. 

4. Blue Stilton Cheese

Who wouldn’t want to get high by eating as lovely a food item as cheese? A study concluded that eating cheese before going to bed can make you see bizarre dreams. The blue stilton cheese especially has a unique impact on the human brain. Only 0.7-oz of it is sufficient for you to eat and visit the world of your dreams. 

5. Rye Bread

The reason why rye bread should not be on the menu is it might make you crazy! The fungus ergot impacts rye grain as it contains psychoactive chemicals. These chemicals are ergotamine and lysergic acid, responsible for hallucinations and convulsions in the human body. Whenever you see those dark purple molds over bread, next time you walk in the grocery store, decide wisely whether you want to buy it or not. 

6. Mulberries

Well, the last item on this list is a black & red fruit – mulberry. Though it is a regular fruit, you might end in an upset stomach and hallucinations if you eat its unripe berries too much.  


Human diet can be as varied and fancy as one wants it to be. There are thousands of food items that you haven’t heard of to date that exists and has amusing effects on the body. You might wonder after reading this list how these food items give whacky feelings to the human body? But it’s true. These ten items are the most common foods that electrify the brain, get your mind high, and take you to your dream world!