Can beard oil help with irritation?

Having a beard can often irritate your skin. This can be very annoying and even painful as it often includes a burning sensation, itchiness, flaky skin, and dandruff. All of these symptoms, however, can easily be handled with the use of beard oil. Beard oil will help put the moisture back into your skin and hair and thus, will lead to the reduction of the irritation. To properly use beard oil and reduce the irritation you will need to:

1. Clean your face and beard regularly

The first step to helping your skin recover is to cleanse it thoroughly. By using soap and water on your beard you will eliminate any dirt that might have gotten trapped in the hair. This is a crucial step as you never want to apply beard oil on an unclean beard. When you apply oil on unclean hair you are essentially trapping there the dust and dirt particles, which should be avoided at all costs.

2. Use Beard oil

After you have cleansed your face and beard, you will find that a lot of the moisture will be gone, this in part will be because of the soap, but it will also be because of the water. At this stage, you must put some of the moisture back into your hair and face. To do so, take your beard oil and put a few drops in your hands. The amount of beard oil will depend on the size of your beard, but generally, you don’t want to use too much as it could leave your beard looking greasy.

Once you have the beard oil in your hands rub it gently between your palms and then apply it using a downward motion on your beard.

3. Work the beard oil through your beard

A key part of this process is working the product through your entire beard. Using your hands and even a comb start working the product throughout your hair. The better you work it through your hair the more likely you will be to have the beard oil reach your skin. After you have finished working the oil through your beard you are done, you can simply leave it and in time it will be absorbed by your hair and skin making the conditions of your skin much better. Choosing the right beard oil is also essential, if you don’t know where to start looking you can begin with the Bossman Brand beard oil as it has many anti-inflammatory properties.1

Cleaning your skin and hair and then applying a generous amount of beard oil the levels of irritation you may have been experiencing will significantly drop if they don’t entirely disappear altogether. Consistency is key when using beard oil, this is not a magical solution where using it once will help solve all of the irritation you have been experiencing. When using beard oil, it is all about creating a routine where you care for your beard and skin, thus, limiting any irritation and promoting health and vitality.