Can a Robotic Vacuum Replace your Upright?

Can you imagine sitting on the couch, enjoying a movie, or busy doing other things while a vacuum cleans your house on its own? A robotic vacuum cleaner can clean the carpets, under the sofa and bed, and access different rooms around the house without your intervention. The best part is that it can also clean your home when you are not around.  All you need to know is how to search for the best robot vacuums for your home.

Robotic vacuum cleaners like the Miglior robot aspirapolvere save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other things. However, such vacuums cannot clean places that upright vacuums can. For instance, they cannot clean the stairs since they are not capable of climbing.

The question remains; can these devices replace your upright vacuums? Well, let’s find out.  And if you are planning to buy robot vacuums, click the given link.

How Robotic Vacuums Work

They are available in the market in two shapes, either rounded or D-shaped. These vacuums come with a rechargeable battery and a motor to move the device around. The motor propels the device around, turning the brushes to pick up debris while suctioning them into the internal bin.

The vacuum sends a signal to the microprocessor in case of obstacles such as stairs and furniture when cleaning to avoid them. Some of these vacuums map the rooms in the house and send information to your phone through an app. You can then approve the rooms that need cleaning, set the time for cleaning, and even pick the cleaning days.

The robotic vacuums can run from 40 minutes to two hours while cleaning, and once they run out of charge, they dock themselves back to charge on the battery.

Best Working Environment for Robotic Vacuums

They perform best in organized rooms, low-pile carpets, and hard floors. For instance, cleaning cluttered rooms with wires could leave their wheels tied up, causing them to malfunction. These vacuums also take longer to clean thick carpets because of their small wheels hanging on the long fibers.

The vacuums tend to spend more time cleaning thick carpets, which in return depletes their charge faster than when cleaning a low-pile carpet. The charge could finish before the vacuum is done cleaning the room, but some models can go back to the spot and continue from where they left after charging. Meanwhile, find out here why cleaning your home can be therapeutic and profitable.

Who Should Buy a Robotic Vacuum?

Anyone can buy these vacuums, but they were made with a particular group of people in mind. They include:

  • People with hectic schedules who barely have any time to spend in the house. Manufacturers made these devices to help save time for such people.
  • Families with pets. If the pets keep shedding all over the floor, it will take the owners a lot of time to vacuum with an upright vacuum.
  • Families that have small children. Young children tend to drop dirt all over, and a robotic vacuum can save the parents time to collect the debris.
  • The physically challenged. It relieves parents the burden of pushing around the upright vacuum during cleaning.

How to Work Together with a Robotic Vacuum for Ease of Service

Sure it is automated, but there are a few things the owner needs to do for ease of cleaning.

  • You should start by collecting anything that could clog up the brushes and stop suctioning.
  • If it is cleaning rooms with loose cords that may tie up its wheels, fold up the cables and store them nicely.
  • If you don’t want to clean a particular room, close the door to provide a barrier, or use magnetic strips to lock it up.
  • Ensure that your décor is placed at a point it cannot drop and probably break if it is on the table. Such might happen if the robotic vacuum hits the furniture holding the décor while cleaning.

Also, remember the robotic vacuums use an infrared beam or signal to locate the docking station. If they lose their way while cleaning different rooms in a big home, they may get stuck in places hard to locate.

Advantages of an Upright Vacuum

While robotic vacuums were designed to save the ever-busy community, you need to incorporate an upright vacuum. Here are some reasons why:

  1. The robotic vacuums were not designed for detailed cleaning. Therefore, you need an upright vacuum, for instance, to clean your windows, seats or even remove cobwebs.
  2. Robotic vacuums cannot climb stairs; this means you need an upright vacuum to clean the staircase.
  3. Upright vacuums are easier to maintain, unlike their counterparts whose side brushes need replacement regularly.
  4. Although both vacuums need regular cleaning, robotic vacuums demand more attention in terms of cleaning. For example, if their sensors are dusty, they cannot detect barriers or drop-offs.
  5. Upright vacuums have a larger storage bin than robotic vacuums, meaning they can clean a more significant suction area than their counterparts.

So, can a robotic vacuum replace your upright?

The answer is no because, as mentioned above, the robotic vacuum was not designed for detailed cleaning. As a homeowner, if you choose to get a robotic vacuum, you will need an upright vacuum to clean areas the automatic cannot. Both are great, but you can’t make it using only the robotic vacuum. And if you want to find out what is E-Waste and what is its impact, open the link.