Bikini whisperer: Tips for a bigger bust

Shopping for swimsuits and sexy beachwear becomes an arduous struggle for beauties with a big bust. A vast majority of swimwear manufacturers and retailers only cater to women with smaller bust sizes. But finding the right pieces to support larger breasts and curvier forms quickly becomes a disappointing and frustrating struggle.

Don’t let yourself feel discouraged by the lack of variety in options designed for a bigger bust. Fortunately, various trends and tricks can help you enjoy the hottest swimwear trends with ample support. For instance, halter necklines are a great pick to lift your bust and support your assets with the right fit.

It all boils down to how well you understand your comfort, sizing, and support requirements. If you struggle to shop for the right bra fits, swimwear will likely prove a more formidable challenge. Understanding your own bust is of the utmost significance to find the perfect swimwear styles to flaunt your curves with pride.

Keep reading to pick up some valuable tips on shopping for beachwear trends for a bigger bust.

Always Choose Underwire

If you have a heavier bust and a large cup size, the underwire is your best friend. Be sure to prioritize underwire in all your bras, sleepwear, swimwear, and lingerie for top-notch comfort. Swimwear pieces featuring underwire offer more than just comfort. You see, when you’re wearing a two-piece, it’s easy to lose confidence when your bust lacks ample support.

But an underwire will create a structure for your curves to stand out with a shapely curvature and a natural lift. Adding an underwire to bikinis serves the purpose of adding a lift and offering ample support to a bigger bust. It will ensure that your bust is lifted correctly, highlighting your slim waist and playing up your curves.

Two-piece and one-piece swimsuits with underwire are an excellent choice for busty women. Come to think of it, the addition of the underwire makes every trend amazingly wearable with a large bust. However, we advise you to invest in adjustable straps so you can customize the fit to flatter your form.

Embrace the Halter

Busty goddesses with style savviness have an unwavering and undying allegiance to halter necks. Look no further than Kim Kardashian and her gang of It-girl sisters. You see, a halter neck works much like the underwire when it comes to lifting and supporting bigger busts.

If you struggle to muster the confidence to flaunting a skimpy two-piece bikini, shopping for a halter neck can prove a game-changer. It will offer you the right fit and support and elevate your bust to highlight your petite waistline. Finding the right fit can prove tricky, but self-tie or adjustable straps are a great way to customize the fit.

Prioritize Support & Confidence

Many women feel that certain styles are completely off-limits because of their large bust. As a result, they don’t feel confident wearing styles and swimwear pieces that attract too much attention to their breasts. If you’re one of these women, ladies understand that you’re committing a grave injustice to yourself.

Feeling confident and sexy in your skin is a form of love that comes from self-acceptance. So, if you genuinely like a style that makes you feel confident and sexy, go ahead and flaunt it to a hilt. Don’t let thoughts of big busts keep you from taking bold beachwear risks.

Instead, you can reduce the risk by prioritizing support when shopping for swimwear pieces. Once you find the right support, no style remains off-limits for your curves. So, focus on finding form-flattering styles that will elevate your breasts and keep your bust from spilling out.

High-Necklines & Mock Necks

Ladies, here’s a voguish trend that will give your beachwear a jet-setting chicness: high-necklines. These necklines come with an added finish that offers ample support to lift and elevate a heavy bust. The best part is, it allows you to flaunt a bit of cleavage without the awful fear of your breasts spilling out.

With high necklines, you can splurge on all the sexy one-piece swimsuits that dare you to take bold beachwear risks. If you feel unusually conscious about your bust, consider investing in high necklines with a push-up bra. Women typically lose confidence because of fits that lift the bust but deny comfort and flexibility.

You can maximize your comfort and flexibility by investing in a piece that features a neck hook closure and a waistband. These pieces work wonders at creating the ideal bust lift and preventing all kinds of spillage. In addition, they make a form-flattering appeal to play up your curvature with a refined finish. You can also check out these stylish and high-quality bikinis that come at an affordable price.

If you gravitate towards sports bra-like athleisure appeal, we advise investing in active swimwear pieces. Thicker and stretchy fabrics, such as neoprene and ruched materials work wonders to ensure both support and comfort. Besides, stretchy fabrics also create a tremendous slimming effect while holding it all firmly together.

Cover all Functional Elements

Beauty and style are two absolute prerogatives of femininity. However, your quest for gorgeous swimwear styles and bikini trends shouldn’t blind you to the functional elements. After all, functionality is what determines whether you can flaunt a trend or not.

We advise you to focus on the following elements while shopping for swimwear or even lingerie:


Adjustability is an essential element to ensure you can achieve the perfect, customized fit. A style may seem off-limits until you find it in adjustable straps, and voila! Thick and adjustable straps with high necklines will offer ample support and coverage.


Cup sizes are another crucial element that impacts the overall functionality of a bikini or bra. Therefore, it’s best to avoid generic sizing and find pieces that offer cups in bra sizing for adequate support.

Lift & Support

Lifting elements are essential to achieve that perkier finish that will allow your curvature to shine in a sexy swimwear statement. Busty goddesses should never compromise on lift and support. If the underwire doesn’t align with your comfort needs, consider investing in pieces with removable pads.


Finding the right bikini style or swimwear piece to flatter your curvature isn’t as challenging as it seems. We advise you to shop from swimwear brands that promote inclusivity for all body shapes and types. Many busty goddesses limit themselves to solid colors to refine and slim down their shape. Try experimenting with feminine prints and geometric lines, for you will love the slimming effects they create.