Best Ways to Remain Hydrated during Summers

One of the biggest problems that people have during the summer, when trying to stay in shape, is staying hydrated. When people point out how painful and exhausting exercise actually is, a large portion of this is due to the fact that they overdo it, don’t pace themselves, and they simply don’t stay properly hydrated. Of course, there are myriad of health supplements and health drinks a claim to encourage this kind of hydration, but is this true?

Well, there has been no miracle supplement or drink that promotes perfect hydration, and the truth is that just drinking lots of water won’t do it. The body only retain so much water naturally, and it’s very easy to lose water rapidly in the hotter months of spring and summer.

We lose electrolytes as well, and water itself doesn’t replace these. Sure, you might remain hydrated if you drink enough water, and you stay on it, but your continued shed of electrolytes were result in your body’s ability to function continuing to decay regardless.

So, health drinks that promote the restoration of electrolytes such as salt, calcium and the like are important. Along with this, consuming diuretics will help promote the body to retain hydration.

Drinks to avoid?

When contending with dehydration, there are a great many drinks and so-called health supplements that you want to avoid, despite the fact that you may believe they give you energy. Anything loaded with caffeine is a bad idea, first of all. Caffeine may give you a person perceived energy, and moderation with caffeine, such as a cup of coffee in the morning, or a drink after your workout is fine, but consuming large amounts of caffeine during a workout is a terrible idea.

Energy drinks are a bad idea as well, as taurine, ephedrine and epinephrine are actually bad for you under any circumstance. Don’t consume energy drinks, under any circumstances, those things are literally poison. Their horrible taste should provide ample warning of this, but apparently not.

What about things like power aid?

Drinks like power aid or Gatorade are actually fine, though we actually recommend that you go with a similar supplement that you can simply add to a bottle of water, as you can get more organic, safely-formulated solutions better fit to your own body. Health supplements like these can keep you hydrated, and, when formulated properly, can be harder for your body to lose as well.

Whenever you pick a health supplement intended to promote energy, read the list of ingredients, and compare it to a list of diuretics. Salts are actually okay, as this natural diuretic helps you retain moisture, but most other diuretics are a bad idea, as they will induce more sweating, urination and other ways to lose hydration.

A final note, in the heat, it’s tempting to drink ice-cold beverages, but this can actually be bad for you. If you chug drinks this cold, it can induce vomiting which is actually worse in the long run. They can also throw your body’s temperature out of balance. Don’t drink hot drinks, but drink room temperature drinks unless they are too hot. Avoid Arctic-level beverages.