Best Ways to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency circuit is blooming as the total number of cryptos globally reached 7,800 in 2021. With such intense market competition, breaching the top 10 ranks is an astounding feat. NEO, also known as the Chinese Ethereum, is an esteemed cryptocurrency.

The crypto is currently valued at 127.96 dollars with a market cap worth 9,037,081,703.65 dollars. Such stats are enough for a trader to estimate NEO’s market popularity. That is why users search for expert Neo price forecasts to make the best trading decisions.

Traders can avail of NEO through both fiat currencies and crypto-only exchanges. But the process starts with acquiring a wallet. Capitalizing on ideal trading opportunities means a hefty profit margin for users.

What is NEO?

Launched back in 2014, NEO was originally called AntShares. Its founders Dong Hongfei and Erik Zhang, decided to rebrand the project as NEO to garner professional prestige. The project made history as the first open-source blockchain in China.

The platform released two tokens named GAS and NEO to expand its reach. GAS is a utility token facilitating transactions and smart contracts. Contrarily, NEO is a governance token, helping users gain token rights. The crypto took three years to reach the 1 dollar mark and is currently priced at a whopping 127.96 dollars.

Major Steps on How to Buy NEO

Get the Best Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet acts as a digital safe house to store cryptocurrencies. Its access and crypto control are acquired through private keys. Choosing a secure wallet is pivotal to fend off security breaches.

Users can opt for options like:

  • The NEO Community Wallet
  • Ledger Nano S Wallet
  • NEO Tracker

Buy NEO with Fiat Currencies

To buy NEO using fiat currencies (via bank savings or credit cards), the users need to find an exchange that supports traditional currencies and sells NEO. Users have to open a trading account on the platform and deposit apt funds to start buying NEO.

Buy NEO on Crypto-Only Exchanges

Another popular method is to buy NEO via other cryptocurrencies. The method incurs low transaction costs and facilitates quick proceedings.

  • Choose any exchange supporting NEO and open a trading account.
  • Complete the verification process.
  • Deposit the crypto you wish to trade NEO with.
  • Find the best trading pair and complete the transaction.

Experts’ Views on NEO

Most experts believe NEO to have a bright future. The crypto has market experience, reputation, and with the impending crypto mass adoption, NEO is certain to make an impact.

Mark Cagney (Social Finance’s Co-Founder) goes as far as to state that NEO might even replace BTC. Brian Evans (blockchain evangelist) thinks that NEO supports an entire ecosystem and will continue to grow further.

Neo Price Prediction for Upcoming Years!

NEO is currently valued at 127.96 dollars, with a 10% price increase. As per NEO prediction, the crypto will be valued at around 127 dollars by the end of 2021. As per Trading Beasts, the crypto will reach the value of 161.87 dollars by 2022’s end.

In 2023, the crypto is expected to reach the 194 dollars mark. Experts believe NEO will breach the 200 dollars mark in 2024 and will end at 229 dollars. By the end of 2025, NEO is expected to finally cross the 300 dollars mark and be valued at 340 dollars. Check to know more about NEO price prediction for upcoming years.

Best Platforms to Buy NEO: List

NEO is ranked among the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide. With a market price of over 127 dollars, traders readily buy NEO for its high revenue. Here are the top 5 platforms where traders can trade NEO securely.

  • Binance – Fiat and crypto
  • Kucoin – Fiat
  • Bibox – Crypto exchange
  • Livecoin – Fiat and crypto
  • Bitfinex – Fiat

The platforms offer the best NEO trading opportunities on the web.

Final Thoughts

In a world with 7,800 cryptocurrencies, ranking amongst the top 10 is an astounding achievement. Renowned as China’s Ethereum, NEO is a popular cryptocurrency among traders. With an ongoing market value of 127 dollars, NEO is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Buying NEO is simple, and traders only need a wallet to initiate the transaction. After deciding on the payment option, users can find multiple platforms to securely buy NEO in 2021.