Best Tips To Survive Through An Engineering Degree

A new year has begun, and everyone enrolled for the spring semester is ready to start learning with a newfound motivation. With this enthusiasm, every individual feels as if they can overcome every academic milestone, but an engineering degree can come down like a hammer on them. Let’s face it; engineering is not easy and is definitely not one of the go-to academic and professional routes individuals take-up worldwide. Your peers will probably joke around and place bets on who will drop out first because not everyone is resilient enough to survive through the subject. And you know it’s a dire situation when one uses the word “survive” as though students are tributes in some hunger game.

Nonetheless, engineering is a broad are of study that offers a plethora of career options. And only the brave have it in themselves to take up the challenge. Cough, cough! But don’t worry, because we have some useful tips to help you make it through the degree.

1. Lose that ego 

If you got into an engineering program, the chances are that you were a high achiever in your school. Concepts came easy to you, and you didn’t have to struggle to understand anything at all. Consider yourself ELITE for possessing this unique trait.

However, while that’s a good thing, it can still put you on a high horse and assuming that higher education is easy. In reality, engineering is no piece of cake. Your engineering program’s learning pace and difficulty levels will magnify several folds. So there is no way you’re getting through this on your own. Take all the help you can.

Your seniors, fellow students, and instructors are valuable resources for you to learn from, and you can’t afford to hesitate when asking for help. Because the moment you fall back on one concept, you’ll lag. And before you know it, you have no understanding of the coursework while deadlines loom close. So it is probably best that you humble yourself and accept all the help you can get.

2. Prepare a schedule 

Studying engineering is a full-time job in itself. Even in an online course, every course you take requires a lot of devotion from you. The assignments and projects will have you studying for most of your day. Suppose you are enrolled in an advanced program, such as an online master of science in civil engineering. In that case, you have to plan your day’s schedule to balance your coursework, job, and personal life. Education is essential, but so is balancing for a healthy lifestyle. A tired mind will do you no good.

3. Make fair use of online resources 

The internet is an excellent source of learning, and it will become your best friend when you find yourself perplexed about some concepts. Many websites are available with study guides and YouTube videos dedicated to providing quality information on subjects related to engineering. Additionally, use online academic journals and research papers to make your learning experience more easy and fruitful.

4. Collaborate with other students

People who live in groups have a higher chance of surviving the wild than lone wolves. Making a tight-knit group with your peers will help you out with studying and muddle through engineering school. The best way to learn is to teach it to someone else. Mentoring others can help you brush up on concepts. Every mind in the group will give you different perspectives, which can help in understanding core concepts better. But always remember to prioritize yourself first. Don’t lose yourself in trying to help others and fall behind.

5. Use learning hacks 

Engineering can become a drab, and this can hamper your ability to retain information. You can use learning hacks to boost your learning abilities. These techniques include different note-taking practices, speed-reading, creating mind maps, etc. Using such study hacks can help you retain information and ultimately learn better. The whole idea behind using study hacks is to work smart along with working hard.

6. Don’t take bad grades personally 

Failure or criticism is not the end of the world, and it doesn’t mean that you are not intelligent. Even if you fail, consider it an opportunity to learn instead of taking it as a blow to your ego. Scoring a good GPA is a different kind of high, but failure and mistakes teach you more than success does. Any criticism or failure you face is not a personal attack. Your peers and instructors merely want the best for you. So learn from your mistakes and overcome these problems in a better way.


Engineering programs are not easy, and they will test your intelligence and determination with each passing day. But you have to stand firm in front of all the difficulties and learn. This time is essential for making memories and having a good time because the experiences you have during your program will shape you into the man or woman you become. The tips we have mentioned above will help you overcome the difficulties you will face during your education. But in the end, the key is to maintain motivation and a spirit for learning. Only then will you succeed.