Best Strategies to Make Money with Melbourne Cup Betting

If you are an Aussie who is into betting, you would recognise the phrases “sport of kings”, and “the race that stops a nation”. These often get quoted when referring to the Melbourne Cup, an annual horse racing event held as a part of the Spring Carnival of racing in Australia.

For the Melbourne Cup, betting online is undoubtedly the best way to go. Top online wagering operators, such as Bluebet, help you avoid dealing with pushy bookies while still ensuring you can enjoy all the facets of a winning bet.

Here are some of the best strategies you may try to make money with Melbourne Cup betting on such online platforms.

The Favourites Need Not Always Be the Way to Go

The last Melbourne Cup favourite to salute was Fiorente, at $7 in 2013.

Though you may stick to the runners on the day with a price below $20, you do not need to go with the crowd’s choice every time. Historically, the outside chances have also performed exceptionally well.

Top online platforms allow you to identify unappreciated runners with good odds. You can then find the best bet, which will result in a win, way more rewarding than you expected.

Refer to the Historical Trends

Historical data can be very resourceful when comparing horses and race statistics. You may pay attention to critical measures, such as weight, nationality, and barrier.

While riders’ weight, in the range of 54 kgs, has had higher chances of clinching victory, 5, 10, 11 barriers have led to many Melbourne Cups successful bets. On the other hand, the past races show international horses and their trainers have performed very well, winning more than half of the last eleven races.

You may look at historical facts featured on online bookmaker websites, such as Bluebet, to understand who typically dominates the race with the most wins. It is an excellent strategy, as it will yield you lucrative wins.

Experts also suggest checking out the gender, as three to six-year-old horses have shown a winning streak in recent years, making it a key factor to consider.

Try Betting Early on Hot Tips

Almost once the Melbourne Cup is run, top online bookmakers open Early Markets for the following year’s Cup. And, considering the 2021 game, the odds will change often.

In such scenarios, if you place your bets early, you will most likely secure the best odds. Moreover, you may find the favourites at prices of $20, thus helping you make a profitable bet.

Look for Exotic Bet Options for the Big Wins

Pursuing exotic bets can get you the big wins, as it is where all the money is.

Take your time to eliminate the weakest contenders and determine the cluster of horses, which is most likely to lead the field.

Reputed online bookmakers offer exotic bets, such as exactas, quinella, and the coveted trifecta. While exotic bets pay very well, such betting selections are an excellent way to clean up.

Find A Trusted Online Bookmaker

This year, the four-day Melbourne Cup Carnival will commence and proceed without live crowds on November 3.

Place your bets on a reliable online betting website. With your best strategies in place, you can make winning bets on great odds during Australia’s most important day of the year for betting.