Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

When the beach is calling, and a getaway is in need, the Caribbean is a perfect fix to satiate those adventurous desires. The only drawback is deciding which island to visit first! To help in the decision-making process, here is a list of some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean to start any beach vacation off right.

St. Martin

This first island is one of the smallest, but it has the pleasure of two islands wrapped in one. Visitors to the island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten will enjoy joint hospitality from this half French, half Dutch treasure. With many cruise stops and gamblers in search of that big win, St. Martin also offers glorious beaches where vacationers can let their worries melt away into the sand.

Another popular pastime on this magnificent island is the duty-free shopping found in Phillipsburg. So, whether the ideal is to touch up that summer tan or gamble the night away, St. Martin satisfies the calling of the islands.

The Bahamas

Located roughly 55 miles south of Miami, the Bahamas attracts more than six million tourists every year. With sites and adventures that call to every vacationer, the Bahamas offers a bit of everything, including exotic reefs to entice the scuba lover, sports fishing that beckons the champions, and secluded beaches on Long Island for the treasure seekers. There doesn’t have to be a dull moment with a visit to this Caribbean country (unless that is what one is searching for).


Explore volcanic mountains or sprawling sandy beaches with a visit to the French island of Martinique. Watch the steam rise off its active volcano, Mont Pelée, or grab a delicious pastry walking the streets of Fort-de-France. No matter the luxury desired, Martinique offers a colorful retreat feel that will let the rest of the world and any additional stresses wash out to sea.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Puerto Rico

Steeped in history and with sights to tell a thousand stories, Puerto Rico is an island getaway that will take vacationers on a trip through time. Find Baroque churches, colonial forts, and beaches that are awe-inspiring. Looking for more adventure, take to the sand, and party on the beaches as the sun goes down. No matter the diversion one seeks, it can probably be found in the Spanish- and American-inspired streets of Puerto Rico. Delight in local cuisine and sunbathe the weekend away on this popular Caribbean island.


When the weather back home is snowy, or the stresses of life have taken their toll, the consistent weather of Aruba is a reminder of what paradise looks like. Enjoy the sandy beaches of this majestic gem without worrying about hurricanes, or take a mountain hike to enjoy the lookout views of Haystack Mountain. When the adventure is over for the day, visitors can delight in the fantastic cuisines created by the mixture of Spanish, Creole, Dutch, and Portuguese flavors. Aruba offers beautiful weather and delicious delights for all who visit its shores.

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean 2


When looking for the all-around adventurer’s getaway, Curaçao is the place to be. From diving into the cobalt waters to relaxing on the private resort beaches, visitors will find endless appeal in this island oasis. Take a walk and enjoy the multi-colored mansions or marvel at the sea turtles at Shete Boka National Park. Leave some time for shopping at the floating markets, though, and pick up some souvenirs to remember the treasures found in Curaçao.

Escape from the mundane and find something new to explore with a trip to the Caribbean islands. Choosing just one vacation spot will be hard to do, so why not increase the adventure by adding island hopping to the mix? Spend a few days on several of the Caribbean islands and let the soothing waters and all of the natural delights carry any cares away, leaving lasting memories and relaxation in their place.

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