Best Online Dispensaries Have This One Thing in Common

If you ever bought from an online dispensary before, you will know that it is quite different from the physical dispensaries that you buy in person.

For one, you are buying cannabis without actually seeing it in real life. You can’t smell the potency or how fresh the cannabis strains are when you buy online. 

All you can do is look at photos and a description of the cannabis that you are buying. All the trust is placed directly to the online dispensary that places the product page on the website.

While buying weed online, I have made the connection where the best online dispensaries such as ODKushDaddy all have something in common.

Want to find out what this is? Read on more to find out!


The convenience of buying cannabis online cannot be compared when you want to do the same thing in person.

You just save so much time. So much!

I live in a remote area that is far away from the city centre. It would take me a whole day trip just to go out and buy some cannabis to smoke and enjoy.

When you buy from an online dispensary, it will be shipped directly to your doorstep. Say goodbye to long drives to the local dispensary.

Simply click a few buttons, sit back, and wait for your favorite products to drop off!

More Options

In an online dispensary, there are much more options for cannabis strains and other kinds of products such as vape pens and CBD products to choose from.

The inventory is just a lot! They will all also move in and out the warehouse much faster than a retail location.

With a physical location, rent is expensive and not many places have a lot of storage. This means that you will often find yourself with limited options when you buy in person.

One time, I went to buy my favorite OG Kush strain after driving over an hour to the local dispensary. Turns out that sold out of it!

If I would just buy this strain online, I could have saved so much time. Online cannabis dispensaries also sell in bulk for a discount.

Win win!


As mentioned above, online dispensaries such as ODKushDaddy will have cheaper pricing compared to a physical location.


The reasons are simple. First, there are no longer employees that have to be at the store to take care of customers.

You can just buy online from a store that is open pretty much 24/7. Online stores also do not have to pay any store rent. They just pay to get a website up and running, which is MUCH cheaper when compared to a physical store.

Everything can be stored in a warehouse which saves a lot of cost. All an online dispensary needs is essentially the cannabis supplier, a website, and a few people to manage the products and keep the customers happy.

When buying online, you can also use discount codes and referral links which will drive the price of your order down even more.

It is just a no brainer to buy online compared to in person.


There you have it! The Best Online Dispensaries Have These Things in Common. Cheap, Fast, More Options, and Reliable.

Go try it for yourself and see!