Best Nature and Space Instagram Accounts

The tedious and repetitive routine of modern work life has disconnected most people from nature and space. But thanks to Instagram, you can now delve into nature and space while sitting at home! There are many cool Instagram accounts that can capture your imaginations with their scenic and surreal pictures, videos, and stories about nature and space.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best nature and space Instagram accounts to follow:

Best Nature Instagram Accounts


@earth is an Instagram account dedicated to featuring nature’s hidden glory from all around the world. It showcases everything from forests, mountains, landscapes, animals, and beaches, to aquatic wonders, wildlife and even takes you up and above the clouds using photos from talented photographers from all over the world. The shots are aesthetically dramatic and spectacular, with a touch of natural tranquility to all kinds of settings. If you’re looking for a nature Instagram account that is not limited to a specific niche, @earth has got you covered. It covers most aspects of nature.


Chris Burkard is a 32-year-old photographer from Pismo Beach, California. Growing up near the waters, he’s seen the glorious sunrises and sunsets of California for the most part of his life. While Burkard got inspiration from the mesmerizing waters to start his career as a nature photographer, he ended up being good at capturing almost every type of landscape.

His Instagram account is filled with images of far-out places that most wouldn’t think of visiting. He beautifully captures all the “wild nature” and brings it to social media for his followers to see. If you like to live vicariously through someone and want to let them do the exploring for you, @chrisbukard has got your back.


@theplanetd is run by two photographers, Dave & Deb. The couple was living a regular 12 to 14 hours work-life and were married for 20 years when they felt like they were stuck in a rut. They realized it after an extended trip to SouthEast Asia. After the trip, the couple decided that they wouldn’t live their lives the way they were anymore. So, they quit their jobs and became full-time Instagram travel bloggers. Dave and Deb have visited 115 countries since 2008. Their Instagram account is filled with landscapes and wonders of nature they’ve found during their adventures.


@keepingfinn incorporates three core elements: nature, travel, and dogs! The account is run by Henry Friedman, who is an advocate for rescuing animals. Once, he rescued a stray dog off of the streets of Puerto Rico and named the dog Finn, who became Henry’s ultimate travel companion. Friedman and Finn take at least one trip every month in Friedman’s van, exploring all that nature has to offer and sharing it with their Instagram followers.


They say that the ocean is as full of secrets as outer space, a kind of having a different version of space on earth. @brianskerry is one of the best Instagram accounts that, if you follow, will bring you face to face with the hidden secrets of the seas and oceans. Brian Skerry specializes in marine life and underwater photography. He has been working with The National Geographic Magazine for over two decades now.


Alex Strohl is a renowned French photographer. His Instagram account @alexstrohl has a spectacular collection of photos from his travels and adventures. He has a passion for landscapes as well as mountains, seas, and oceans. The best part of following Strohl on Instagram is you get to experience elegant vibes, explore nature, and get enthralled by the scenic places he visits. His Instagram is also filled with beautiful photos of houses in picturesque places. After visiting his account, you’re sure to get ready to visit one of those cool places, far away from city life.

Best Space Instagram Accounts


The International Space Station is a giant satellite/spacecraft that serves as home to astronauts in space. It orbits around the Earth 16 times every day. It’s been one of the biggest reasons why we know so much about space and continue to explore more. ISS’s Instagram Account @iss keeps its followers up to date with surreal imagery and stories from above the earth. The account documents important things spotted in space and on earth (as viewed from the ISS). They even have a mini-series called “down to Earth” that features stories of astronauts who have lived on board the spacecraft.


@nasagoddard features behind-the-scenes looks at the Goddard Space Flight Centre, NASA’s pioneer flight station. It provides a sneak peek into the James Webb Space Telescope, images of black holes, and stunning views of galaxies captured with the Hubble Space Telescope. The Instagram account also shows things NASA has worked on in the past, projects they’re working on, and little known secrets about space. Followers get the opportunity to explore space and see fascinating images and videos that they probably can’t find elsewhere.


Run by one of the world’s most brilliant minds, Elon Musk, SpaceX manufactures and launches rockets and spacecraft. The company completed an end-to-end space flight to test its space transportation service with a successful journey to the ISS and back.

It became the first private company to launch a spacecraft with crew onboard to the ISS. Their plans to revolutionize space travel and bring it “to the common man” is something that no one ever even thought of back in the day. Their Instagram account @spacex keeps us updated with all they’re doing, including the manufacturing of spacecraft, the launch of rockets, imagery from space, and more.


Scott Kelly is a retired navy captain and astronaut. He became famous after spending a whole year in space to study the changes in the human body when exposed to extensive time in outer space. Kelly has also commanded multiple space station expeditions. If there’s someone who knows outer space like the back of their hand, it’s Scott Kelly. His Instagram account @stationcdrkelly beautifully documents his time in space.


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