Best Movies About Casinos

Movies are an important part of our culture and an amazing form of entertainment. They also have great influence as they can shape public opinion to an extent. For example, before Hollywood started making so many movies about casinos, gambling, and casino heist, there was an opinion that gambling was just a hobby for the rich. Today that is definitely not the case conspiring the high number of trusted online casinos with a massive user base.

It is also fun to mention that Las Vegas is one of the most movie-centric destinations, which is why even if movies are not about gambling, some scenes do take place in a casino. So, one way or another there are many movies about gambling and casino drama series. To that end, we will go over some of the best movies about casinos.

Casino Royale 2006

Casino Royale is a remake of the movie with the same name from 1973, and it is one of the best movies in the 007 franchise. Those who follow this franchise know that the James Bond Casino Royal premiere was also the first movie with a new Bond actor Daniel Craig. So in a way, this was also a Daniel Craig casino premiere.

It’s an adrenaline-rushing high stake action movie with class, and when you think about it that is also how it feels to play in a casino. Although critics don’t hype the movie as much as the audience, it still deserves the spot on the casino movie list. Perhaps the most memorable scene is the one with the high stakes poker game, as it was about more than just ridiculous sums of money.

Other than that the movie has everything you would expect from a James Bond story. Violence, mind games, extravagant atmosphere, and high-end mobsters. So, if you haven’t had the chance to see this one or the original, we encourage you to watch both of them, these are probably the best casino thriller movies out there.

The Hangover

If you are more interested in seeing one of the best casino comedy shows, then you cannot go wrong with the Hangover. When this movie was released it did surprisingly well at the box office, considering how it was regarded as just another summer comedy.

The goal of the story is to illustrate the famous saying that goes – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Indeed a lot of things happened and characters probably did not remember half of them, because they have huge memory gaps throughout the whole movie. It is also a mystery movie, and the detectives are 3 hungover men, who are trying to find where their missing friend is.

So, that was a quick recap in case you have not seen any of the movies from The Hangover franchise. This really a top-tier comedy and you will surely like it, regardless of whether you love to watch casino movie or not. With a movie like “The Hangover” a quality casino comedy night is guaranteed.

Rain Man

When you cheat at any game other players will get mad if they find out. If you cheat at a casino game, big players will get mad, because you are basically trying to win against the system. Of course, Rain Man is a movie that is much more than just about sending the message of how cheating is wrong, as it is a touching story and a casino movie at the same time. It’s also not really about cheating, as it kind of delves into a grey zone between legal and illegal when it comes to blackjack.

A short recap, it is about a spoiled businessman and his brother who has a form of autism. His condition allows him to memorize and count cards really well, and that is extremely useful in blackjack. Every time you play blackjack you are trying to approach the game strategically, it’s just that it’s difficult to keep all of the information in your head. Still, even if you are not amazing at the game you can still enjoy it and you can also play any time you feel like it. You can find a list at Not Gamstop platform of online casinos that have live blackjack. This way you can participate with other online players as well.

Back to the Rain Man movie, it’s an old-time classic that people often reference in other works in cinematography. Therefore, you should put it on the list of must-see films.

Ocean’s Eleven

Sometimes if you are after the money, the best way is to rob the casino and not play at one, in other words, commit a casino heist. Heist movies in general can be a lot of fun, but in this day and age, it’s sort of a cliche. That being said, you definitely should see Ocean’s Eleven as it is one of the original masterpieces of this genre.

It is about Danny Ocean, who is a professional thief that also assembles his team of super talented robbers or con-artists in order to steal 150 million dollars. The movie has an incredible cast of superstars, it’s filled with twists and turns, and packs amazing action.

This is also a franchise at this point so everyone is wondering how they will keep it relevant, One way is to be a movie about hackers, considering how online casinos have become massively popular. It is basically a digital heist movie where geeks are at the same time roguish, charming, bad boys.


There are lots of other movies centered around Las Vegas and gambling, but we believe these are really the most fun ones to watch. Of course, this is a matter of personal taste and preference, and if you enjoy drama, or horror, or simply romantic stories, you can bet that all of those genres also have a casino movie of their own.