Best Mezcals for Date Night

Picture this; you’re getting ready on a Saturday evening looking forward to going out with the girl you’ve been chatting to online for some time. Date nights are exciting, and people want them to be as memorable as possible. A date night wouldn’t be fun without a few drinks, and it wouldn’t be special without Mezcals.

A Mezcal is a drink most people have heard about but haven’t tried. They’ve increasingly become popular in recent times and are on their way to becoming mainstream one date at a time.

Here are a few of the best mezcals you should try on your ideal Saturday nights:

Mezcal with Salt

Before we begin with ideal pairings, it is essential to be familiar with the drink itself. You’ve probably heard of (and had) tequila. Tequila is a sort of mezcal. This might come as a surprise, but mezcal is a broader alcohol category, and the only thing that separates it from tequila is the region it’s from and the way it’s distilled.

With that being said, the most straightforward pairing would be salt. Tequila shots with salt are well-beloved, and it’s time to take it up a notch with mezcal and salt.

The salt accentuates the smokey taste of the mezcal and packs a punch in your mouth. It gets the conversation flowing and moods lifted.

Mezcal and Honey

Mezcals are smokey in their aftertaste and stick around in your mouth long after the drinks down your throat. The best thing to pair with something smokey would be sweet – honey.

The drinks have a generous amount of buzz but are also slightly more filling if you’re looking to hang onto one glass for the night.

They’re also great to have by candlelight with your date at the dinner table. Great conversation starters, too, if you recommend them.

Mezcal and Grapefruit

Grapefruit are tangy and, with the flavour profile of a mezcal, make a flavorsome combination that explodes in your mouth. Again, think of most pairings as you would with tequila.

We all know how well tangy drinks work with tequila – mezcals and tangy or citrus drinks are a step above them.


Nothing pairs better with a drink than another drink. Ask your bartender for a mezcal margarita, and he or she will whip you up with a drink containing lime juice, Cointreau, some tequila, and of course mezcal.

Mezcal is generally a lot smokier in taste than other drinks. This is the after taste that’s left in your mouth and is somewhat similar to popping candy. If you’re looking at impressing your date with a drink she’s never had before – a mezcal margarita would be on the top of the list.


Mezcals are drinks you’ve probably never heard of, but drinks you probably should have. They’re great for parties, drinking games, and especially for first dates where you want your date to have a great time and keep it as memorable as possible.