Best Code Learning apps

My job as a senior software developer often involves advising on learning programming. As a software engineer, I believe it is better to have more high-quality developers, so I’m confident in sharing strategies that helped me become a better program.

However, not everyone is interested in reading books, taking courses, and making out time to learn to code.

Here’s what I’d like to state emphatically – learning programming does not meanmaking time for it. You have to be consistent. A developer who dedicates 30 minutes to continuing education each day is more flexible and capable of embracing new trends than a CS graduate with zero experience in learning a new program.

There are several resources – Reddit threads, podcasts, blogs – that you can consult on the go to boost your coding skills. In the recent past, I have used best code learning app to keep educating myself and working on practice problems.

As part of this article, I have decided to share the best code learning apps I use to learn software development. Using the lessons in this section during a commute or while waiting in line, you’ll be able to be more productive.

Programming Hero

Thanks to all the gamification elements incorporated by the development team, this app is incredibly fun. It’s accessible to beginners and experts alike. In addition to teaching students core principles for programming languages, the app introduces students to concepts of OOP, data structures, and algorithms.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Engaging approach to learning content.


  • Lacks many popular programming languages.

Does not include an integrated development environment.


The app has in-app currency users must spend to purchase courses. Pricing for courses ranges from $1.99 to $19.99.


People with no technical background cannot use Enki. This app may be suitable for intermediate-level or experienced software engineers.

Your level of technical proficiency can be determined by taking a short questionnaire within the app. By doing so, you can ensure you do not study concepts you are ill-prepared for.

In addition to software development and web programming, Enki also offers courses in SQL and blockchain.


  • Various courses in technology, marketing, and finance.
  • A simple, intuitive interface.


No web application.

  • Limited user base.


There is a $48.99/year subscription fee for Enki Pro.


Games at Codegym make the most of gamification. The ten levels for each quest were reminiscent of playing a role-playing game where I constantly had to “level-up” my character.