Best bowling alleys across Perth

Bowling is a fantastic sport and full of fun. Although playing it alone is fun, it is full of great fun when played as a group making it a fun way of spending an afternoon with peers. You don’t have to hit the gym to get your heart pumping, simply visit any bowling alley, and you will have such an exhilarating experience. However, you need to be aware that there is no sharing of bowling balls and shoes, so remember to carry your own. Nevertheless, nothing beats the thrill of a spare or a strike. Are you ready to knock those pins down? Check out the following alleys across Perth. Also, here are the best bowling shirts we can recommend. 

1. Zone Bowling (Cannington)

With more than thirty Bowling spots across the country, Zone Bowling offers the best games ever. Being one of the best Perth bowling options ,this bowling center hosts different events, including birthday parties, Christmas parties, and more. Three of its centers are located around Perth, so you can access them at ease. Besides gaming and sporting, Zone Bowling has various entertainment options, including drinks, arcades, and delicious foods.

2. Rosemount Bowl

Located in the Northern parts of Perth, Rose Mount has been among the best Perth Bowling options. Being remodeled from an ancient Rosemount, This venue exudes nostalgia. Besides being strategically located from Rosemount hotel, the venue offers late-night fun hours exclusively for Friday and Saturday.

3. The Lookout

If you are looking for a posh venue for your next bowl alley game, The Lookout is ideal for you. The venue is an all-around center hosting different forms of entertainment and fun. This alley offers bowling, food, dancing, drinks, and more, making it perfect for celebrations and events. You can bring your kids and whole family along to this fun center as it is family-friendly for maximum fun. The scenes in the Lookouts turns to nightclub and bar scenes at night, making it ideal for young adults who like partying in such environments.

4. Strike Bowling Carousel

Strike Bowling Carousel

This amazing alley is situated on Westfield Carousel’s rooftop. Hosting different events and ceremonies, Strike is more than just a bowling alley. The venue has everything for everyone, with two escape rooms, four karaoke games, ten bowling alleys, and a laser tag arena. Although the venue offers exclusive fun for families during the day, older people can still have fun with friends with a side of cocktails and gourmet eats.

5. Superbowl Warwick

Situated within Grand cinemas and Warwick Shopping center, Super Bowl is one of Perth’s biggest suburban entertainment venues. It has a modern cafe, twenty-four big lanes, a pool hall, and arcade-themed nights; the venue has much to keep the players entertained.


Bowling is every man’s disco lit realm, and lucky enough, Perth is home to various bowling lanes and alleys. Are you ready to steam up your adrenaline and get your heart pumping without visiting a gym? The above are the best Perth bowling options to make your game sporting dreams come true. It is time to show off your crazy bowling skills and beat the boredom with unlimited fun with Perth’s cool bowling alleys. Featuring everything from kid-friendly weekends to the nights, light up bowling shoes to jukebox players, the above bowling venues in Perth assure of catering for amateurs and enthusiasts.