Best Activities to do While Staying in Pet-Friendly cabins in Gatlinburg

It’s that time of the year again when vacations with family and friends are possible and heavy planning is underway. After scouring, searching, and arguing you finally decide on Tennessee, Gatlinburg, and what drew you to the call of the mountains, as they say, is that your pet can come along with you. This makes the trip something worth more anticipating but then with so much to do and so much to see, where do you even start from and how do you make sure your pet is part of the fun?

Well, here are some great activities you can consider while enjoying the pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg and smoky mountains in Gatlinburg that will make sure your pet has as much fun as you do:


There are many wonderful places you can go on adventures in Gatlinburg with the company of your furry friend. You can explore the Great Smoky Mountains in the Gatlinburg trail right from Sugarlands visitor’s center down to the beautiful pigeon river. For those who love a greener trail, you can consider going down Mynatt Park and Mills Park and leave your marks on the numerous forest trails there.

You can also walk along the Townsend trail in the Townsend Riverwalk and arboretum in Tenn. The advantage of the trail is that it is handicap accessible and also pet friendly. It is also open every day from dawn to dusk. The trail is a 3/10 mile stretch from the little river and highway 321.


Swimming is a great fun and safe way to have fun with your family and with your dogs. There are plenty of indoor swimming facilities that offer a variety of services such as small group sessions, one-to-one sessions, the ability to hire the pool privately, and jock jumping training or practicing.

The fun thing about indoor pools is that you can still use them despite outside weather conditions: it’s open in summer and winter. However, you can look to have outdoor swimming activities if you also want to enjoy some bit of tan and sunshine with your dog.

River rafting

A Tennessee vacation is not over without having floated down the river with the breezes patting against you and your dog under the hot sun. You can choose dog-friendly floats that will have the safety of your dog in mind throughout the adventure, you get to enjoy a lot of relaxing rapids and scenic views.

If you are a first-time viewer, you will especially enjoy the rock jump. As a further measure of safety, you can tether your dog’s raft to your own. The dogs should also be comfortable with being in the water.

Visit pet-friendly bars and restaurants

As a means of accommodating customers and their pets, some restaurants will have outdoor patios where you are allowed to dine with your dog. The food is no less than the other five-star rated restaurants. It is important to look up the restaurants to see if they have a pet-friendly policy to avoid any inconveniences when you get there. Some good choices for pet-friendly restaurants in Gatlinburg include Mad Dog’s Creamery & Donuts and Howard’s Steakhouse.

Take Your Pet to Doggy wood

Dollywood is a great place to visit in Gatlinburg but unfortunately, dogs are not allowed inside the theme park except for service animals. But not to worry, dogwood will be sure to take good care of your pet for you.

The accommodation is located adjacent to the front gate of the Dollywood guest services. You can get your dog hosted for the day from $25-35 depending on the accommodation you choose. The space at dogwood is usually limited and it is recommended to reserve your spot early.

With all these wonderful choices to pick from, the next thing is to have you pick up your jingle and have as much fun as you can. Also, remember to stay safe and keep your pet at arm’s length always because safety supersedes all else. Otherwise, have a fun vacay!