Best 4 Goal Setting Techniques in 2021

What a year it has been!  With full of unexpected and surprising things going around, you need to work on your goal-setting techniques for your business; for example, you can hire Kotlin developers offshore. For a lot, 2020 has been a wake-up call and an opportunity for learning and growing.

Many of us have faced new challenges that call for new actions – the previous year has taught us to be creative, flexible, and adaptable to the new changes the environment comes with. So, figuring out new goal-setting techniques is a must option.

Let’s figure out some of the techniques that will help you sustain and improve your business to the next level.

Use the Eisenhower Technique

The Eisenhower technique is best for those who want to manage their time more productively. The Eisenhower IDEA criteria comes as the perfect goal setting technique for those running their businesses in the current times, which is;

  • Inspiring – Only those objectives that are bold, eloquent, and visionary are the ones that drive people and your enterprise in a forward direction.
  • Difficult – Aim high and expand your horizon, think out of the box and take your goals way beyond the status quo, get out of your comfort zone.
  • Explicit – Make sure your objectives are clear, precise, and are easy to comprehend from a brief glance for everyone.
  • Achievable – Only go for the goals that are actually practical and achievable in the set time through the individual or the team assigned with the particular goal.
  • Be Optimistic – Utilize an optimistic and realistic approach when it comes to setting your goals. You need to make sure you are considering speedy growth, but you must understand your resources as well.
  • Be Intricate – It is good to plan out your goals in detail and get specific about the tasks and goals you want to achieve on a monthly or weekly basis. It will help you get on the target to achieve your goals through a step-by-step approach that would lead you to success.

Goal Setting with SMART Goals

Since many businesses use the framework for SMART goals, here are some tips that will help you bring improvements to your business and your team.

Ariane Benefit points out that the agility approach to SMART goal setting acts as an updated version of setting goals, designed to accelerate your actions. She also describes that SMART goals may not always come with all the tools you need for enhancing your performance. This is why you could make use of some specific modifications in the subject. This includes the following:

  • Sustainable, certain, simple, and small actions for goals.
  • Memorable, meaningful results.
  • Aim for achievable standards and expectations.
  • Relevant to different outcomes and multiple needs.
  • Modifiable targets with check-ins that are time-boxed.
  • Make achievable, SMART-ER goals for the business.

Another modification to the SMART goal might be adding two more letters to the original technique, making them SMART-ER.

  • E – Evaluate
  • R – Readjust

We spend a lot of time planning our goals, but certainly, there are times when we hit or miss them. This is where you need to continuously evaluate and readjust those goals based on the successes you achieve in order to move forward.

When it comes to SMART goals, these will help you to march forward toward your goal. For many people, these additional steps might come as unnecessary, but when you add them officially, they will help you stay realistic. Also, it will be easier for you to make necessary adjustments as you know there is room for it.

We must also know that one company is different from another, and the process of planning and choosing goals is also different for every company. So, adopting a positive change over time is beneficial for meeting those goals.

Publicize your Goal

This creates room for accountability in your goals. Sure, you don’t need to take everyone in confidence, and it is foolish to make your plans open to your competitors, but telling your goals to your business people is essential. Work as a team and do not forget to ask for any suggestions for betterment. The more the steps for planning goals are inclusive, the healthier environment you will be able to build.

Make your efforts transparent, so if you are making any mistakes, your team can rectify and correct you at the earliest. This will help you get the goals more speedily than otherwise. However, make sure you first observe the team and build trust, so you know your business will not get in any jeopardy as you unleash your goals.

Look for Systems that Increase your Efficiency

Multiple systems can help you divide the tasks into smaller chunks. If you find an excellent way to manage those systems, you can pretty much lift off the burden that comes with handling a job. For example, you can hire Kotlin developers or JAVA app developers to work for your digital infrastructure in another office.

When you find a source to recruit a separate IT team in a separate location, you can easily attain your goals with the rule of divide and conquer. This way, you will be able to increase your efficiency and make your pivotal workplace an easy location to work in. So, you can focus on the core issues of your business and improve productivity to handle them.

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These were some of the tips and techniques based on management modules that will help you set your goals in 2021.

Inna Bulat is a young recruiting and development professional. She graduated from a technical university and continued her work in the IT field. Her work experience is related to programming, recruiting for startups and medium-sized businesses. She also loves cats and reading books in her spare time. She works at She works at Bridgeteams.