Basics You Need to Know About Car Shipping

Whatever your reason is for moving a car or vehicle from one location to another, whether you are buying a car online, moving cross-country, or spending an extended holiday, hiring a vehicle shipping service is the best method to do so.

If you have been planning to move your car across the country for quite some time now and have been thinking about how to do it, then you have come to the right place. Be sure to read on, as this article will discuss the essential things you need to know about car shipping from great services like Shiply.

What is Car Shipping?

Car shipping, also known as auto or vehicle transport, is the process of transporting cars or vehicles from one location to another via truck carriers or car haulers. There are two types of auto transport, which include open transports and enclosed transport.

Car shipping by open transport is accomplished by placing cars on a two-level trailer, without any enclosure. This is the most common choice of car owners who have standard vehicles because it is a less expensive option. However, cars are exposed to open air, which means they are prone to damage brought about by road debris.

On the other hand, enclosed transport ships vehicles in trucks or trailers that are fully covered. This option costs more than open transport, but it offers a higher degree of security since the car is protected from the inside.

What are the Benefits of Car Shipping?

Car shipping offers numerous benefits, which include some of the following:

  • Cost-Efficient

You will save more money by hiring a car shipping service than driving the car yourself to your desired location. This is because you won’t have to pay for gas money, food breaks, and hotel or motel rooms. Read the updated average cost of cross country car shipping, so you will know how much budget you need to prepare. 

  • Save Time

Driving your car between two states may take several days or even a week, depending on the locations. This means you will have to waste time driving and take time off work and reschedule business meetings. By hiring a transport service, you will save time that can be allotted to more productive things.

  • Safety and Security

Nowadays, road accidents are quite common. This means driving cross-country dramatically increases your chances of experiencing a vehicular accident that can incur severe physical injuries. Hiring a car shipping service provides safety and security because you no longer have to transport your vehicle.

How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

The process of shipping a car is quite simple, but there are things that you should do before turning it over to the auto transport company.

Disable alarm and theft devices

Transport personnel needs unrestricted access to your vehicle while transporting it, which means you need to disable alarm and theft devices.

Remove your belongings

Personal items and valuables should be removed from the car before transport; this is because auto transport companies are not liable if they are lost or damaged.

Clean the external and internal area

It is of the utmost importance that you clean both the internal and external areas of your car. This is to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned before being transported and at its best look.

Check for problems or damages

It would be best that you check for car problems or damages and repair them before transport. This is to ensure that your car is in proper condition and won’t have any malfunctions during transport.

A car is one of your most valuable assets; this is why you should not merely select any auto transport available in the market. You must make sure that a vehicle shipping service you choose is reliable and trusted to ensure that you get high-quality service.