Baby Travel Checklist: 6 Things to Carry While Going Out with Infants

Are you planning your first trip with a baby on board? Traveling with your little one can seem exciting and scary at the same time. The excitement stems from having a little companion as your travel buddy on a fun travel adventure. However, the fear stems from the million things that could go wrong, putting your baby at risk.

Parents end up packing aggressively and erratically to arm themselves with products and gadgets to ensure baby safety and comfort. Some parents overpack and end up carrying an enormous weight of unneeded baby products. Others pack less and end up buying baby essentials that they forgot to bring along.

How can you escape the agony and struggle of both the set of parents mentioned above? It’s easy: make a checklist of all the items you need to keep your baby healthy, happy, safe, and comfortable. Luckily, we’ve compiled a checklist to help reduce your effort and streamline all the baby essentials you’ll need.

Here, take a look:

1. Diaper & Changing Essentials

Babies require multiple diaper changes throughout the day, and parents end up carrying a bag-load of changing essentials. Having these essentials is imperative to prevent infant discomfort and rashes that result from delayed diaper changes. It’s crucial to take at least 3-4 diapers, even if you aren’t traveling out of the city.

What if you end up damaging a diaper while fastening the straps? Carrying extra diapers will help you avoid spending on replenishing the stock. If you’re traveling to another city, it’s best to have a sizable reserve of diapers. While diapers are widely available everywhere, you may not find the specific brand your baby has grown accustomed to wearing.

It’s best to invest in a sturdy and spacious diaper bag so that you can carry all your essentials in style. You will also need to take baby wipes, a changing pad, and grooming products to keep your baby sweet-smelling and comfy. Having a spacious bag makes it easier to stuff all the baby essentials in one place and carry them comfortably. After all, you can’t stuff a foldable changing station in your designer tote bag!

Most parents neglect to carry the changing station to avoid the burden. And then, they end up changing diapers in the most uncomfortable and embarrassing of situations. This tiny, portable accessory can make diaper changes amazingly easy and comfortable for the little one.

2. Blankets, Comforters & Pillows

You want to make your baby as comfortable as possible to avoid mid-flight discomfort and hard-to-soothe crying spells. Besides, it’s wise not to use hotel blankets and bedding against your little one’s soft and sensitive skin.

Carrying blankets, comforters, and pillows will ensure comfort and protect your little one from severe weather changes. You can easily create a luxurious makeshift bed for your little one while traveling on a train, airplane, or by car.

3. Baby Carriers

Do you use a baby harness or a front sling to carry your little one while commuting or traveling? The suitable carrier depends entirely on your mode of transport. Harnesses and front sling carriers are ideal for long commutes. These carriers make it easier to carry both your baby and luggage without restraining your movements. However, if you’re planning a road trip, you will need a sturdy and comfortable car seat for your baby.

4. Bathing Luxuries

How do you plan on bathing and cleaning your little one on a backpacking adventure or long road trip? Carrying an inflatable bathtub can make things amazingly easier and make bath times fun for your baby. Besides, you cannot rely on hotels and motels to provide robust bathroom hygiene for your infant.

Exposure to surface germs and bacteria can prove immensely damaging for the little one. So, be sure to carry an inflatable tub on a long journey that involves staying at hotels. You can easily carry and set up an inflatable bathtub without encountering much trouble.

5. Eating Essentials

Babies don’t do much else aside from feeding, excreting, and expressing themselves with loud, screechy noises. But, these noises can get scarier and scarier if their feeding time is delayed. So, be sure to carry all the food and eating essentials to avoid messing up your little one’s feeding routine.

You will have to carry at least two spare milk bottles if one breaks down or gets damaged. Two bottles also make it easier to manage frequent hunger spells, which are common during long journeys. If you are breastfeeding or feeding your baby formula, be sure to carry all the essentials and breast pumps you need to do it comfortably.

Reserve a compartment of your baby bag for food items and eatables to give your little one his favorite snacks and treats. Toddlers typically require an endless supply of comforting snacks to satiate their frequent bouts of hunger. You will also need to carry some utensils, usually a cup, serving bowl, and spoon.

6. Weather Appropriate Clothes

The weather goes through erratic changes when traveling to colder climates and higher altitudes. The sun is the biggest threat that can steal your baby’s vitality with its heat and intensity. Be sure to carry weather-appropriate clothes to offer ample protection to your little one. Be sure to stock up on a comfortable hat, onesies and baby suits, and warm jackets to keep the little cozy.

Check out Caden Lane as they offers an array of weather-appropriate clothes that are not only practical but also fashion-forward. From their adorable rompers for summer days to their snuggly, fleece-lined baby jackets for chilly winters.

We also advise parents to carry multiple changes of clothes because babies and spillages go hand in hand. It’s highly improbable that your baby will stop drooling, spitting, or vomiting in honor of the trip you’ve planned. So, be sure to carry extra clothes to avoid the hassle of washing and drying clothes in the middle of the highway.


No one understands your baby’s comforts and needs better than you. So, don’t stress too much and address your little one’s needs as best as you can. As young parents, your journey has just begun, and you will find planning easier with time. Remember, tiny mistakes and errors don’t reflect on your parenting skills and love for your child.

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