Baby Essentials You Probably Didn’t Know You Need

Buying for the baby is no easy task. There are so many individual needs and wants that getting down to what your baby needs can be a bit confusing. We’re inundated with product after product. We have to secure everything. We have to make sure everything is accounted for. It’s almost like we’re gathering as many supplies as we possibly can on the off chance that we need them. Somewhere along the line, we overlook the essentials. It may be hard to pinpoint what those are, but there’s a whole host of items that you need that isn’t on a fancy advertisement. Here, we’ll explore some baby essentials you didn’t know you needed, or may have forgotten.

Baby Thermometer

Babies, just like the rest of us, get sick. It’s a normal part of growing up. It’s painful to watch our kid cough and cry. It’s even more difficult dealing with it in the wee hours of the night. When our child gets sick, a lot of us go straight to over the counter drugs. This might not be the best idea. Babies have growing immune systems that need to fight off illness naturally to create antibodies. As long as we have some thermometers for babies to monitor their temperature, and we have access to medical help if necessary, they should be fine. Once your baby’s temperature goes up, then it’s time to consult with a medical professional. But you’d never know how high is too high unless you have that handy thermometer.

Baby Wipes Case

Having babies is a journey best measured in baby wipes consumed. There’s a massive need for baby wipes anywhere you go. There’s going to be snot, poop, spit, and everything in between, everywhere you go. The absolute necessity of these gentle wet wipes cannot be overstated. But with that said, why do we feel the need to carry the whole bully case with only a few left? Having a carrying case that you can reload and refill is a much more efficient option. You already have your giant supply pack. Why not lighten the load and free up space with a carrying case?

Pacifier Holder

Pacifiers fall all the time. It’s one of those things that make us freak out and go into disinfection mode in the first few months. After a while, like with most novel baby events, it becomes less of a big deal. Instead of getting riled up about the pacifier only to grow apathetic to it, why not get a holder? A simple lanyard can do the trick, or you can get a specially designed holder. The way, you don’t have to keep washing the pacifier every time your baby spits it out. It’s conveniently caught like a zip-line cord.

Baby essentials market ranges from “common sense” to flat out consumerism. There are so many things you don’t need. But when it comes to the real essentials, they all aim to solve the most common time and resource-heavy experiences of caring for a young one. Baby thermometers, space savers, and pacifier holders fall in that category. Happy shopping!