Avoid These 10 Wedding Mistakes & Stay Under Budget

This might feel like an internal struggle with all bridal inspirations ambushing you whenever you log on to any social media platform! The heart says yes but the mind says no. We completely understand you, and we understand the need to realize your unique vision. However, sometimes the wedding budget will limit your desires, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot find another aesthetically pleasing solution for your budget wedding and still stay under the limit. With a little guidance on our part, you will be able to master your planning. Without further ado, let us go through these 10 tips!

State Your Budget

First things first, decide how much are you both willing to invest in your wedding celebration. When you have clearly written digits, it is easier to pay attention not to go overboard. If you are easily inspired to go for something that would cost more and affect other aspects, then have the number printed and visible to remind you of your needs and primary vision.

Do Your Research

Continuing to the points above, it is vital to do your research at all times. Most of the wedding vendors will be kind to provide you with their costs upon communicating, but also there are those who have listed their values on their websites. A great deal of analyzing and researching is needed on your part to extract what is best for your financial stability. If you are planning a DIY wedding, we recommend researching your sources and materials needed for the designing process. The research will keep you informed and avoid any unpredicted costs. As for budget-friendly sourcing, explore your local area, you might be surprised how many amazing options will arise! Avoid committing to anything without understanding everything down to the last detail. Consider DIY and renting instead of buying. Sometimes that can be a lifesaver instead of hiring professionals or buying things you won’t use anymore. For example, wedding lights can be easily done by yourself instead of hiring a whole team. You only need a vision and to find an “uplighting rental near me”. Always wanted a romantic atmosphere at your table setting and centerpieces? Uplighting them with a DIY pin spot will be a charming addition that will sweep your guests off your feet!

Hire Bundled Services

A good example of this would be picking a venue that doesn’t have catering services nor affordable bar options, not even basic rentals for your budget wedding. By choosing that you will be forced to seek other solutions, lose time negotiating, and pay double even triple! Make sure to book a venue that will offer inclusive packages and stay within your limits. Another case scenario would be to book many vendors for certain decor. If you are seeking a way to level up your reception space, you don’t need to hire coordinators, rentals, for one thing, another rental for a third, and in the end, paying them all for an atmosphere that you can create with just one professional or simply DIY! Wedding lights are a perfect example of how you can achieve whimsy and make a statement without adding anything else to it. You can choose wireless uplighting rental to illuminate your reception space with a splash of color that lasts for 8 hours! In that way, you will also avoid any cord mess plus instantly design a dreamy ambiance for your guests. Talk about functionality and aesthetics that leave a striking impression!

Off-Season Date

Booking off-season is the holy solution for your DIY wedding. The costs are lower and choices are plentiful, but if your heart is set on having a summer celebration, consider hosting it during a weekday in contrast to the weekend.

Surrendering to Impulse

We often say that impulse buying results in ending with unnecessary details that you could do without. Undoubtedly, we are all guilty of such weak moments but keep your perspective clear and don’t surrender to impulses.

Avoid Overspending on 1 Thing

Sometimes you can see a dress that costs a lot more than your planned price, that is why it is important to remind yourself that not only you can find beautifully designed gowns that are three times more affordable but also not to stay off track and stick to the planned budget. Believe us, this will prove effective, everything can be achieved within the financial frame if you do your research and have a little bit more patience.

Be Precise about Your Guest Count

Frankly, the number of your guests will set the tone for your wedding hire so you must be precise and see how many people you want to attend and how many you can afford. Sometimes the plus one option can cost you more than you care to admit. Don’t be shy to be realistic and tailor your budget wedding according to your taste. Your wedding – your rules.

Avoid Additional Fees

Be careful with any contracts that you sign especially for venues and calculate the extra fees. That way you won’t need any additional expenses!

Manage Your Expenses

Monitor how much have you spent from the planned costs for your budget wedding. Being up to date will keep you informed how much you can afford for extra details or to cut from other things that are not a priority.

Meet Your Vendors

Sometimes your vendors can give you the best advice for all opportunities that may be more affordable. Be straightforward and approach their professional experiences. If you cannot afford something ask them for an alternative that will be equally stunning yet cheaper. For example, if you wish for certain flowers and they are more expensive, ask for similar florals that are available in that season. The florists will be more than happy to present you with unique possibilities!

We hope that we have answered your questions and provided you with valuable advice on how to afford everything without going overboard for your budget wedding. If you are in need of more tips and ideas, we welcome you to browse through our other blogs specially curated to ease the wedding planning process!