Automobile Collisions and Insurance

Cars getting into accidents has become regular news to us. Nowadays, we do not think of who got hurt in the accident anymore; we think of does the person has a car accident lawyer in Calgary. That may sound depressing, but that is the reality of today’s society.

Getting into a car accident can be terrifying, but dealing with the consequences can be scarier if you do not have good insurance and not aware of the post-accident procedure. Regardless you are at fault or a victim in the situation; a car accident can cost you a lot of damage both legally and personally.

This article aims to inform you about all the must-know information about automobile collisions and insurance in Canada.

What is an Automobile Collision and an Automobile Collision Lawyer?

If put in simple terms, an automobile collision is when a vehicle hits a vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road wreckage, or other static obstruction. Usually, in such accidents, the defaulter is held accountable for the damages caused by the collision. Therefore, the defaulter is responsible for paying the money for the damages.

An automobile collision lawyer is the one who advocates in such cases. Both the victim and the defaulter can seek such lawyers’ help. The victim usually hires a lawyer to sue the defaulter or get compensation. On the other hand, the defaulter hires a lawyer to defend his or her action in the accident or decrease compensation.

Automobile Collision’s Damages

An automobile accident can cause two different types of damages. They are-

  1. Pecuniary damages; damages that can be measure by money and compensated with money by the defaulter. For example- damages that were done to the vehicle, destruction of properties, hospital bills, , fall under this category.
  2. Non-pecuniary damages; damages that cannot be measured by money, personal damages that require compensation falls within this category. This includes the victim’s sufferings, trauma, permanent physical damage and disfigurement, diminished quality of life, and the victim’s death.

Post-Accident Procedures

The post-accident procedure for both the victim and the defaulter is described below-

1. For the Defaulter

As a defaulter in a car accident, you have specific responsibilities to ensure that the situation does not escalate. They are-


Most accidents turn into hit-and-run cases simply because the driver at fault panicked and ran from the scene of the accident. Understand that the moment you are dealing with is very critical. It is very important that you keep your cool and deal with the situation. Otherwise, it can get messier and out of control.

3. Help The Victim

If the victim is physically injured, you take the victim to an emergency room as soon as possible and inform their emergency contacts. If the person is not injured, ask if there were any other damages you can help with. This will help the victim understand that you take responsibility for your action and make the process easier.

4. Contact Your Lawyer

Even if you take full responsibility for your action, you should consult a lawyer after an accident just to be on the safe side. Tell your lawyer precisely what happened, how it happened, what were the context. Remember, the more details you can give to your lawyer, the more he or she can help you.

5. For The Victim

As a victim of an accident, you have a list of actions to ensure you are reimbursed for the damages you faced. They are-

6. Save All The Bills

After you get into an accident, you must save all the medical bills, bills of car damages, and bills of anything you had to pay because of the accident. These bills can and usually are used as proof of damages, and you will only be reimbursed for the bills you can show.

7. Check for All The Damages That Your Insurance Cover

Before you ask for a reimbursement, remember the defaulter is only accountable for the damages your insurance will not cover. It is crucial to crosscheck your bills with what your insurance covers before suing the defaulter for any compensation.

8. Consult Your Lawyer

Tell your lawyer precisely what happened, how it happened, what were the context. Help the lawyer understand the whole situation well enough so that he or she can help you get the reimbursement.


To sum it all up, automobile collisions are challenging to deal with if you do not have the right kind of insurance, if you do not follow the proper procedures and if you do not contact a good lawyer. Hopefully, this article has successfully informed you about automobile collisions and insurance in Canada.