Australian Aged Care Guide – NDIS

People with disabilities who require assistance with daily tasks may be eligible for financial assistance from the government under one of two schemes.

Younger persons are supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), whereas elderly people are supported by the aged care system (through MyAgedCare) with 65 being the splitting age.

The dilemma and complexity start when the two systems overlap for many NDIS users, either when they turn 65 or when they need to transfer into a residential aged care facility.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) works to assist persons with disabilities to live in the community or other settings that are appropriate for their age. As of 2021, nearly 500,000 Australians are enrolled in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a recent addition to the government efforts and offers financing and assistance to persons with disabilities, as well as their families and caregivers. The NDIS is intended to give long-term assistance. If a person is under the age of 65 and has a disability, they may be eligible for services via the NDIS.

NDIS package recipients will be given a thorough plan outlining their requirements, objectives, and aspirations. Everyone who has access to the NDIS will have more control over the assistance and services they require to achieve their objectives.

The NDIS is open to all Australians under the age of 65 who fulfill the disability or early intervention criteria. To be eligible, you must have a chronic handicap that impairs your ability to:

  • Participate actively or as desired in your community
  • Obtain employment
  • Perform daily chores without the assistance of a caregiver or assistive technology.

If you are assessed to be eligible for the NDIS, an NDIS planner will come to your home to discuss your specific requirements and objectives. Your planner will then collaborate with you to create an NDIS plan and funding package that is unique to you. You are then able to purchase services, equipment, and assistance from the NDIS providers of your choosing with this package. Every year, each NDIS plan is evaluated (or sooner if your needs or circumstances change).

If you do not have a disability and/or are above age 65, the Australian government provides funding to organizations that offer home care services to eligible seniors. The relevant service provider government agency would then be My Aged Care which is the Australian Government’s entry portal for aged care.

If you need assistance around the house or believe it is time to consider elderly care facilities, My Aged Care is the correct agency to assist, given that you meet the criteria.

What happens when an NDIS client reaches the age of 65?

If you started receiving NDIS benefits before turning 65, you can keep getting them even if you are beyond the age of 65. Nothing changes if you choose to continue getting services through the NDIS. You won’t have to worry about switching providers or having your financing cut since you will be offered the option of continuing to receive support through the NDIS or switching to My Aged Care. If you decide to stay with the NDIS, your assistance may continue as usual. However, this assistance is likely to be moved to My Aged Care if one of these following becomes your situation:

  1. You become a permanent resident of a residential aged care facility
  2. You begin getting permanent home care

Although a complex system, it is useful to know that the NDIS funds support that meet the necessary criteria under Section 34 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 but are not included under the Aged Care Act of 1997.

The aged care system My Aged Care, on the other hand, provides high-quality, low-cost aged care and caregiver support services through subsidies and grants, as well as industry assistance, training, and regulation of the aged care industry.

The care sector is not easy to navigate so you may want to consult a professional to help you in order to protect your rights and get access to the best possible scheme suitable for your situation. ADACare is a reliable NDIS approved provider, you can reach them for free advice.