ATV Accessories you really should not drive without

ATVs, or All-Terrain Vehicles, are among the most exciting investments riding enthusiasts can ever make. These incredible vehicles allow riders to traverse through challenging natural terrain and enjoy thrilling rides.

However, ensuring all the critical parts of your vehicle are in place is not enough for a safe ride. You must also consider getting some of the most helpful ATV accessories for a memorable and comfortable ride.

Browse carefully through the list of these essential accessories below and enjoy safe, comfortable, and exciting ATV rides. Meanwhile, check out the link if you are looking for the best adjustable crowfoot wrench and want to know its benefits.

Protective Body Gear

Wearing comfortable clothes and carrying extra fuel is not enough preparation for a ride. You need to invest in a robust, break-proof helmet, eye protection, and sturdy boots that will protect you from injuries during impacts as a result of falls. Besides wearing a full-sleeved shirt and full-length pants, you should also consider buying good-quality gloves to prevent sunburn on your hands. Do not forget to pack a raincoat or wear water-repellent clothes if you wish to ride in rainy weather.

Waterproof Box

Besides storing your food and drinks, a cooler or similar box can keep your essentials dry in case of a sudden downpour. But even if you aren’t driving in the rainy season, having a box attached to your ATV is immensely helpful. It can safely store your mobile phone, wallet, keys, documents, and anything else you need to keep dry.

You can invest in a larger box if you have a big vehicle. This will help you carry extra items like a change of clothes, tarp or tent, and sleeping bag. You need to simply be sure your ATV can lug the additional weight around during a ride.

Tow Strap and Winch

A myriad variety of accessories and products have been launched in the global ATV market in recent years. A tow strap and winch happen to be one of the essential items, especially useful when riding in a group. If any of your rider friends get stuck somewhere on challenging terrain, you can use the tow strap to pull them out with ease.

This accessory can also be used for other purposes owing to its flexibility. For instance, you can use it to move a fallen tree in your path, drag a heavy bag, and remove other obstacles in the way, among other things.


Another crucial thing you should invest in is a map of the terrain you are about to embark on. It must explain in detail all the areas you wish to traverse, all the different trails, and how to get there. However, if you are not comfortable with a paper map, you can always get a GPS installed in the ATV. So, in case you lose your way, the GPS can pin down your coordinates and enable you to find your way out.

First-Aid Kit and Toolbox

A good-quality first-aid kit and an essential toolbox are among the most necessary ATV accessories to carry on all rides. The medical kit must typically contain bandages, ointments, painkillers, and other vital supplies that will come in handy in case of injuries. Similarly, the toolbox will have wrenches, nuts, bolts, screwdriver, duct tape, pliers, and more essentials that can help you change tires and make other minor repairs.

Amateur riders often carry their cell phones on rides but forget to bring a charger along with them. If the battery is out, there is no way to contact anyone in case of emergencies. Therefore, it is vital to double-check that you have packed your phone and a portable charger before a ride.

Additionally, you can consider bringing along a survival kit containing a knife and waterproof matches or lighter. These can come in handy while camping to start campfires for warmth and cook s’mores or other food.