Your Attorney Search: Red Flags That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

When a person is looking to hire an attorney, they will surely come across some duds. There will be some that are jut flat out bad. It is important that individuals be able to recognize these and stay as far away as possible. In this article, they’ll learn how to do the former.

When going on an attorney search, having a good plan of attack is extremely important. Without one, a person may find that they are unable to make a sure decision about the type of attorney they need to hire. Consequently, they may end up with a lawyer that isn’t right for him or her. Fortunately, this can be remedied. One way to increase the likelihood that a person chooses the right attorney is to be able to recognize potential red flags or warning signs.

Red flags that shouldn’t be ignored

Below, we have listed a number of them. Individuals should take note of these and act accordingly (which may mean going in another direction) if they see them.

#1 – Discrepancies

If a person notices discrepancies of any kind, they should be leery. This could be discrepancies regarding education, past experiences, past cases, etc. This is a huge red flag and one that should not be ignored. An attorney that is willing to lie will likely be more trouble than they are worth. They may also get their client in trouble.

Another possibility may be that they are not even allowed to legally practice law, which may be the case if there are discrepancies regarding their education, past experiences or the Bar exam. It is important that individuals keep their eyes and ears open.  If you have for example been in a truck accident and need a lawyer, its important that all the facts are right and no discrepancies.

#2 – Huge Blunders

Everyone makes mistakes but huge blunder, after huge blunder, cannot be ignored, especially when there is a lot at stake. A lawyer who flat out blows aspects of one’s case, may need to be replaced, especially if it is early in the process and there is still an opportunity to salvage things.

#3 – Lack of Time and Commitment Given

Every person that is paying a lawyer for their time and expertise should receive that lawyer’s time and commitment in return. If they do not, they may need to keep searching until they find a lawyer that is willing provide it. Paying for an attorney’s representation isn’t cheap. In fact, it can get really expensive. Therefore, a person’s case should be given a decent amount of time, attention and commitment. If a lawyer can’t give it because they are overextended, it may be time to find a new lawyer or firm.

In Summary

When looking for an attorney to represent them, a person should keep their eyes and ears open for red flags. Attorneys that lack the time and commitment to offer quality representation should by bypassed or replaced. The same is true of those that make continual blunders or mistakes and those who a person suspects may be dishonest.