Athletes and Supplemental Products

SARMs are one-of-a-kind drugs that have replaced anabolic steroids or anabolics, the latter is widely known not only for their effectiveness but also for their very serious side effects.

Selective modulators, or SARMs are more advanced, they are almost devoid of the shortcomings of their predecessors. In addition, this drug is perfectly legitimate and safe for your body and health in particular.

There are 2 main types:

  • Those that stimulate the growth of the athlete’s muscle mass;
  • Those that accelerate fat burning.

Ligandrol is the name that is almost always “on everyone’s lips.” It is perhaps the most effective of the SARMs for rapidly building strength and muscle mass. It is a selective modulator that is a great solution for athletes suffering from physical ailments.

Ligandrol is also a great solution for treating severe joint injuries as well as a lack of muscle mass.

The product is rapidly gaining popularity among professional bodybuilders and in sports environments where high levels of stress and injury are common.

The positive effects of ligandrol include:

  • Rapid recovery;
  • Significant increases in endurance and strength.

We would like to emphasize that the choice of a particular SARMs product depends not only on the sport but also on the end goal the athlete wants to achieve. Before starting to take SARMs, it is mandatory to consult a doctor about the type of product and its dosage.

There is a new trend in the bodybuilding supplement market: many athletes are convinced of the positive anabolic effect of SARMs, selective modulators of androgen receptors, instead of pro-hormonal or steroid cycles. But what are SARMs, how do they work, and what should you pay attention to? We give you the answers to questions about SARMs.

What are SARMs?

SARMs are an acronym for selective androgen receptor Modulators. These are non-steroidal substances that bind to androgen receptors selectively in your system and have effects analogous to prohormone or steroid medication. In contrast to those medications, adverse effects when taking the SARMs must be rarer. Are SARMs a new pro-hormone replacement, then?

Effects of SARMs

SARMs have been researched and developed by major pharmaceutical companies to bring effective drugs to market, for example, to treat muscle wasting in the elderly or after surgery. It was designed to create a form of therapy that promotes muscle growth – without the negative androgenic side effects.

Accordingly, SARMs for weight loss and muscle building should have preferential selectivity from a medical perspective. The selectivity of androgen receptor modulators has brought the most success: for example, SARMs lead to agonist activity in bone and muscle, while the effects on secondary tissues are minimal.

Benefits of SARMs include:

  • Anabolic effects;
  • Accelerated muscle growth without fat;
  • Increased endurance and strength;
  • Improved recovery from injury.

Characteristics of SARMsThe structures of SARMs are very diverse. Thus, all compounds that attach to androgen receptors and activate tissues can be called SARMs. The most important characteristics of SARMs are:

  • They are NOT steroids;
  • Their structure is very variable;
  • They are able to bind to the androgen receptor and modulate or activate it;
  • They are selective: It depends on which tissue the activation occurs in.

You can buy SARM absolutely legally and be sure that all products are fully medically tested.

Other medications

Moreover, besides SARMs, you can buy other medicinal products to keep your body toned. The medication Viagra is the most common brand of sildenafil.

This drug improves the blood flow and increases your testosterone level, which is a hormone of great value for gaining muscles and increasing strength, as a result of which it is very important for sportsmen. You can buy this drug here: The hormone testosterone has an effect on sex drive and performance. Middle-aged males who take testosterone supplements improve their libido, erection, confidence, and aggression. Italian research has found that by treating erectile dysfunction with the medications Sialis and Viagra, men’s levels of total testosterone and libido are improved by 50 percent. It remains uncertain, though, if these medications themselves increase testosterone or if this occurs implicitly by increasing sexual activity. Sexual intercourse rates were greatest in the men who were taking Cialis (which has a more long-acting FDE-5 Inhibitor), thus rendering it the preferred drug for men. The males who had the greatest number of sexual intercourse had the highest levels of testosterone.

The factors that affect the testosterone level include psychological well-being, diet, and physical and sexual performance. Males who have sex often are far happier and feel more self-confident than men who do not. Your sex organs are kind of like the muscles you have – they perform best if your use them, and Viagra can get the boost. We do not know if Viagra really increases the testosterone level of a normal, powerful bodybuilder, although we don’t know.

Long-term use with Viagra may also increase the strength and size of the muscles by triggering biochemical responses, an increase in protein synthesis within the cell, and preventing cellular decay. As already discussed, the release of Nitric Oxide (NO) from blood vessels is enhanced by Viagra. No, however, it helps the muscles produce protein, particularly if the muscle fiber is tight or stretched. Furthermore, NO causes the production of companion cells, which adds weight to the muscle fiber. To this day, no research has shown that Viagra and drugs like it are capable of showing the properties of a steroid, however, biochemical research indicates that they actually do possess such qualities.

If you are considering elevating your testosterone levels naturally, there are other hormone free test boosters on the market you can try