Are you a cigar connoisseur? Here are our top 5 picks.

When shopping for cigars, look for the essential qualities. No matter the cigar brands you are aesthetically drawn to, when push comes to shove, what matters most is taste and aroma combinations. When selecting Drew Estate products, you get complimentary tastes and aromas.

The founders of Drew Estate never compromise on quality. They even traveled to countries like Nicaragua to determine how to get the best blends for their cigars. With combinations now customer favorites like Acid and La Vieja Habana, the company evolved into a larger company, with the option to expand from New York to Miami.

The momentum of company growth led to popular blends, including Drew Estate cigars. The company’s products have been ranked as quality cigars blended with rich Nicaraguan tobacco. While you’d be set with any of the Drew Estate options, we’ve narrowed down our five picks for cigar connoisseurs looking for something unique. Read on to learn what they are!

1. Acid: Drew Estate cigars in Robusto And Maduro

Acid, one of the top blends for Drew Estate cigars, comes in many different formats. Our favorite is Acid in Robusto Maduro, for its mellow strength and mild flavoring. If you’re looking for a go-to cigar blend, Acid in this shape and strength is a blend you’ll never tire of. Purchase this blend as a single stick, a five-stick purchase, or a 24-stick box.

2. Ambrosia Spice In Torpedo

For cigar connoisseurs looking for something with a kick, consider Ambrosia Spice Cigar. The Torpedo shape is the perfect option for those wanting a smoke that lasts. These Nicaraguan Habano-wrapped cigars are the best for celebrations! Buy them as single purchases or in 24-count boxes for your next big event.

3. Drew Estate Deadwood: Fat Bottom Betty

Consider Drew Estate Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty cigars when you’re looking for something with mighty strength, perhaps to take the edge off after a long day or impress your party guests. The Gordo shape and Maduro wrapper make for a full-bodied flavor and aroma sure to impress.

4. Coffee-Flavored X-Press Cigars

If you need a little caffeine in your step or are just ready to try something a little different, consider Drew Estate cigars like the Java Maduro X-Press. Purchase these select cigars in a 10-stick container and enjoy a medium-strength Brazilian wrapped cigar. The cigars are under the Java blend, making them the perfect pick-me-up whenever you need them.

5. Kentucky Fire-cured Cigars

Finally: the Kentucky fire-cured cigars! These Drew Estate cigars are Kentucky fire-cured wrapped, with medium strength and Robusto shaping. Purchase these ten sticks at a time, and enjoy them in different sizes like the Fat Molly, five by fifty sticks.

Get Your Assortment Today

Whether you’re looking for a classic go-to cigar or something more unique, Drew Estate cigars have an assortment of cigar options to meet your needs for every occasion; these babies are guaranteed to please the palates of even the most seasoned cigar connoisseurs! Get your assortment today!