Are Slots Free Spins Popular With Experienced Players?

The popularity of slots and the ability to adapt and survive saw these machines through some turbulent times. They survived gambling bans by taking on the guise of family friendly vending machines and fruit machines and they also survived wars because they offered people entertainment and escapism during hard times. In fact, they helped give worn torn economies a much-needed boost too. Fast-forward to today and free online slots are still going strong, obviously they have undergone huge transformations that advances in technology bring with them and they still continue to boost the economy. Last year in the UK alone, slots created £2 billion in revenue. For more information visit free daily spins.

Major Changes

Slots moved from their mechanical origins to being electrical in the 1960s. However, this allowed for far more advancements in slots to occur at shorter intervals. In the 1970s the first video slot appeared on the scene and various versions of this were seen throughout the 1980s. It wasn’t until the mid 1990s that the digital revolution turned slots from physically machines into virtual ones that existed only online. These virtual slots could be accessed by the masses through computers that were hooked to the internet. This technology allowed for huge and rapid improvements in slots. This fuelled the creation of better bonus rounds and more varieties of them too.

Bonuses and Punters

Bonuses make slots more appealing to punters and it doesn’t matter whether they are slots playing veterans or new to the game. Bonuses give punters a purpose and something to aim for whilst playing slots. Most importantly, decent bonus rounds such as free spins bonuses, allow punters some free play on the house. This is important because it gives all punters the opportunity to either recover some of their losses back, or they can even win enough to turn a profit. If some experienced punters are high rollers, then free spins bonus rounds for high stakers can be a godsend and the difference between winning and losing thousands of pounds. Bonuses also soften the blow of playing games that give the house an edge and slots come with the highest house edge of all casino games.

Free Spins Bonuses Are The Main Attraction

It can be argued that bonuses with free spins are the most sought after of all bonus rounds by punters at all stages of their slots gambling lives. This goes for experienced players too, who may have played nearly every slot out there. This is mostly down to the additional features that accompany free spins bonus rounds. The most common features are multipliers that are added to winning spins. Then there are wild symbols that do not just mimic other symbols, instead they take on a life of their own during free spins. This can mean that wilds become roaming ones and move around on the reels with each spin, or they can become expanding wilds and fill entire reels. Wilds can also function as sticky wilds and remain where they land for the duration of an entire bonus round.