Are Letterman Jackets Outdated? 5 No’s

For close to 150 years, letterman jackets have been a symbol of excellence in American colleges and high schools. These jackets start as a way for students to showcase their athletic excellence, as well as their school spirit. However, letterman jackets are no longer worn in schools alone. Besides, anyone can wear a letterman jacket today.

Traditionally, letterman jackets feature a boiled-wool body, an embedded varsity logo or letter on the left chest, as well as a banded wrist and waistband. These are the features that made varsity jackets distinctive. Today, letterman jackets have evolved beyond their traditional style, although most of them have retained their iconic wool body and leather sleeved style. 

One notable thing with letterman jackets is their versatility—meaning they are ideal for different settings. Other than being an outfit for schools, you can wear a varsity jacket when going for a meeting, an evening baseball game, or an evening stroll with your friends.

Despite all this, most people argue that letterman jackets have become outdated. However, that’s not the case. The truth is letterman jackets are still fashionable and will continue to be fashionable for years to come. The following are 5 reasons why letterman jackets are not outdated. 

They are ideal to wear a sports outfit

Letterman jackets were initially worn as sports outfits, and they haven’t lost that purpose yet. Today, most colleges and high schools still award their top-performing students in sports with varsity jackets. The design and style of varsity jackets give the wearer an amazing appearance of a seasoned sportsperson. Therefore, this is another reason why letterman jackets are not outdated. 

Letterman jackets have pleasing designs and styles

Well, who doesn’t love wearing an outfit that makes them stand out from the rest of their friends? And what other outfits can give someone such an appearance other than a varsity jacket? The changes and growth in the fashion industry have had an impact on letterman jackets. Today, letterman jackets come in different designs and styles, and that’s the reason why most people love the different varieties of these outfits. 

Therefore, if you’d like to look amazing by wearing an outfit with an amazing design and style, then get a varsity jacket now. Light jackets like the letterman jackets by VarsityBase have turned out to be the best option for people who cannot wear heavy clothing and jackets. 

Most schools and colleges use letterman jackets as their uniform

Other than showcasing someone’s ability in sports, letterman jackets showcase a student’s academic prowess. That’s the reason why most schools and colleges have incorporated them as part of their uniform. Besides, since every school has its theme color, letterman jackets make it easier for one to identify students from a particular college or high school. 

They have a soft inside lining

Yes, this one thing makes letterman jackets trendy. Letterman jackets are the best options for many people—thanks to the great comfort they provide. Besides, they have a very soft inside lining, which makes the wearer feel amazing once they wear the jacket. Interestingly, most people claim this is one of the major reasons why they purchase letterman jackets today. Besides, wearing a varsity jacket helps to boost one’s personality—making them the best outfit for anyone searching for casual or decent attire. 

Lightweight and easy to wear

Letterman jackets are lightweight, making them a favorite for those who cannot wear heavy jackets. Apart from being lightweight, letterman jackets and soft and comfortable to wear, meaning you can wear a letterman jacket for a long period. 

Bonus: letterman jackets have become an integral part of the fashion industry

Yes, letterman jackets are not only worn in schools and colleges, but they’ve also found their way to fashion runways. Most celebrities have been spotted wearing customized letterman jackets. Also, major fashion brands have adopted the designs and styles of letterman jackets. That means letterman jackets are not about to go out of fashion anytime soon. 

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter whether you love wearing letterman jackets or you are searching for a casual outfit, there are many reasons for wearing a varsity jacket. Besides, you will not have a hard time choosing a letterman jacket that suits your style when you go shopping for one. Besides, unlike trench coats and leather jackets that are worn during the cold season, you can wear a letterman jacket anytime since they are lightweight. With that, you shouldn’t be afraid of adding a letterman jacket to your wardrobe because they are still in fashion.