An Inside Look at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A burning sensation is surely quite painful. Most of us had experienced a slight burn when we did the first-time cooking, and if you have any other experience, then surely it would be painful. Those accidental burns give a permanent mark if not cured with ointment or with other medicine. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) works effectively from mild to severe burns. The therapy involves the supply of a huge amount of oxygen in our body, making the healing process efficacious. Keep reading to know more about HBOT. Also, about where you can purchase safe and bulk oxygen gas for the lowest price.

How it Works and to Whom it Benefits?

The best part of HBOT, it requires no needle & incisions. All the therapy requires is the chamber. The chamber gives you a feel of a spaceship. However, this spaceship is a medical machine that heals various chronic diseases. Patients inside the chamber feel the high pressure of oxygen which is two & a half times higher than the typical environment. The body carries more oxygen to the organs & tissues, which makes the healing quick & effective.

Oxygen is delivered to specific areas which require extra healing. With the high content of oxygen, the power of mitochondria in the cells boosts. Thus it leads to more energy. It also attracts stem cells ( also known as healing cells) and enhances the strength of antibiotics to reach targeted areas. HBOT used for treating:

  • Bone infections
  • Burns
  • Wounds
  • Frostbite
  • Severe anaemia

Actual Experience

People who have gone through the therapy have shared their experiences on the internet. The one which I read, here the patient said, the chamber is like a bed where you can lay comfortably. The difference is you are inside a glass cylinder and not at your home. You are in a closed environment which feels strange in the first session. In case you feel uncomfy, you can talk to a technician who is just a foot away from you. Keep in mind; a technician will be there to monitor you.

One patient had hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the UK and said that one might feel pressure in the ears at a certain point in time. To lower the weird feeling, keep opening & closing the mouth as it makes your ears feel light.

In addition, a session depends on the patient’s need but usually, more than one session is required to heal the disease properly. The session duration is usually 2 hours for continuous five days a week but may vary as it again depends on the individual’s health.

How to Prevent Side Effects?

HBOT is generally well-tolerated, and people complete the long hour session without any disturbances & consequences. But side effects can occur to some people as air is trapped and has no way outside, impacting your body. Trapped air in the ears, lungs, or sinuses makes you feel sinus pressure. Other potential side effects may include cataract growth – it’s a tissue covering the eye’s lens.

Fortunately, it’s convenient to ease side effects due to hyperbaric therapy. You can say a technician to change the oxygen pressure during the process if facing troubles. In case you are suffering from acute ear trauma, then put tubes in your ears to experience a smooth session.

 It was all about HBOT; make sure to know about the therapy from the physician in advance to avoid side effects.