Alternative Flooring Materials for Your Boat

For boat owners, what makes the boat is the deck because the suitable flooring material for the boat will protect it. The deck will give the boat additional aesthetic appeal, too. However, when you choose the wrong flooring material, you will soon be facing costly cleaning, repair, or replacement expenses.

Deck carpeting

Suppose you are about to replace your worn-out boat carpet. In that case, there are now several alternative marine carpet materials that you can choose from, which can be more aesthetically pleasing, more durable, and easier to clean and maintain. Please read on to learn more.

Alternatives to marine carpet

There are several other deck flooring materials you can install on your boat today. Each one of them has features that you will find appealing. However, you might find it challenging to make the right choice with the various styles.

1. Woven vinyl

The material is easy to care for and looks quite elegant. The new materials are comfortable on bare feet and available in various textures and colors to enhance your boat’s aesthetics. In addition, woven vinyl has a high-density weave and uses UV and moisture-resistant materials that make it easy to clean. Compared to plush carpets that trap marine debris, moisture, and bacteria, woven vinyl carpets prevent an unhygienic environment from flourishing, as you can easily sanitize it with heavy-duty chlorine-based cleaners.

2. Specialty paints

There are several specialty marine paints for deck flooring. They are water-resistant and have low toxicity. They resist flaking and remain intact for several years. Many of the water-based acrylic marine paints are fast drying. If the base of the deck is wood, you have the option to use satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss, to either show the original wood color or give the wood more protection.

Or you can opt to use polyurethane paint for boats, which can provide a non-skid, rust-proof, and waterproof surface. You can either apply it with a brush or spray it on.

3. Vinyl or linoleum

Vinyl or linoleum will also look great provided you choose the specially designed material for more demanding flooring requirements. There are vinyl planks that look like wood planks. They are water-resistant and suitable for areas where water is always present. They are attached with adhesive and can be removed and reinstalled. Ensure that you check their durability. Choose the one that is UV-resistant, thick, and has a wear layer. You can buy vinyl and linoleum in rolls, which are easy to install with waterproof glue.

4. Wood

Several hardwood materials can replace your old marine carpet. With regular maintenance, hardwood will provide you with durable flooring. In addition, you can apply a protective coating to make the wood covering last longer.

5. Canvas

Canvas, like wood, is one of the oldest materials used by many boat builders. Canvas is tough, durable, and water-resistant. The rugged fabric is suitable for extreme conditions that prevail outdoors. Canvas is specially treated to prevent premature fading. Today, the canvas is available in different colors, which can enhance the look of your boat. Because canvas is water-resistant, rain and saltwater bounce off its surface, which keeps the surface drier and prevents issues with mold and mildew.

With more available alternative materials to replace marine carpeting, your choice now depends on toughness, cost, durability, and aesthetic value.