All you need to know about male materbation and hygeine

Masturbation is often talked about in hushed tones and whispers, yet, it is one of the most commonly practised acts across all age groups and genders of the sexually active population. Hence, taking a culture of secrecy around masturbation does us more harm than good. Masturbation, simply put, is the act of self-pleasure. The techniques and methods deployed to achieve this vary widely. People get creative and innovative in the quest for self-pleasure.

Masturbation could be the pathway to an unprecedented array of pleasure, or it could mean getting yourself into a rabbit hole of addiction. It would help if you went armed with all the information you could get, especially accurate and reliable data. Don’t fret. This article is about to do you a world of good by giving an exposé to the act and art of self-pleasure. Below are some tips to help you practice safe and healthy masturbation as a man.

5 Things You Need to Know About Hygienic Male Masturbation

1. Masturbation Can Be Both Safe and Pleasurable

Yes, you read that right. You can now lay all those myths to rest. The adverse effects on fertility, height and sexuality have since been disproved. Masturbation is about the safest form of sex you can have. No pregnancy scares or sexually transmitted infections. Don’t get too excited, however. There are still ways you could hurt yourself while masturbating if you don’t do it right.

A rigorous hand job or one performed too excitedly could lead to micro-abrasions and cuts on the penile skin. Another risk that can occur, although very rarely, thank goodness, is the risk of penile fracture. Sudden rough bending of an erect penis can cause injury to the penis, which may require surgical repair. With generous lubrication and gentle handling of the penis, there is next to no risk of injury, and you can safely masturbate.

2. There Are Health Benefits to Masturbation

Not only are there next to no long or short-term side effects, but the benefits ascribed to masturbation are also numerous. The medical benefits, of course, top the chart, with improved prostate health and reduced risk of prostatic cancer. It can also help you master the skill of delaying and timing your ejaculation. Few men have attained the gold standard of delay and effectively timing their ejaculation till it is most satisfying for both parties. Masturbation is a way to learn this.

By stopping stimulation at the height of pleasure, taking some breaths till the sensation passes and going again till you are ready to ejaculate, you become a master of bedroom affairs. Masturbation helps you discover all your erogenous zones and how to get you to cloud nine. You can learn all the tricks and turns to which your body responds. With this knowledge, you can show your partner how to satisfy you. Also, by releasing the feel-good hormones, masturbation helps relieve mental stress, boosts your mood, and makes you happy.

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3. You Have Absolute Control of the experience

Masturbation is whatever you make it. Self-pleasure is that centre point with multiple tunnels leading you right to it. There are no absolutes, no hard and fast rules. The trick is to get comfortable; do not be afraid to try new things. Remember that it worked for a friend but did not for you doesn’t make you a freak; it simply emphasises that we are all unique beings. You can use just your hands or make use of toys. You can also use a cam girl chat to get stimulated.

4. It Is a Marathon, not a Sprint

The act of self-pleasure is something you get better at with time. Most people stumble upon masturbation in adolescence and, over time, modify and get better until they can effectively pleasure themselves. Do not be too much in a hurry if the first few tries are below par or fall short of expectations. It is essential not to be in a rush to attain orgasm; the road that leads up there is just as important. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the process.

5. Hygiene Is Paramount

One would think this goes without saying, but that is unfortunately not the case. The importance of hygiene when masturbating is not stressed nearly enough. The wash-up before but especially after is non-negotiable. And if by chance you stain your underwear, get a fresh pair. The smell of stale cum is repugnant. You don’t want to be that guy with a musty smell trailing him or the one no one ever wants to go down on. Properly dispose of tissues and make sure to tidy up after yourself.

Practising sex hygiene will make you feel good and confident and improve your sexual experiences, solo or with a cam girl.