All Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy is colloquial or abbreviation for intravenous hydration. This process is a healthy and relatively safe manner to nourish your body with nutrients in less time. In prior times, Intravenous hydration was originally used to cure anoxia or dehydration, now, its use has become diverse by medical practitioners and multiple wellness centers. This article discusses all benefits of IV Therapy. Also, learn how Fluid Revival provides the highest quality IV therapy service to its clients in the comfort of their homes. You can also check this cert iv in health administration.

All Benefits of IV Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy is essentially the solution to hydrating the bloodstream in ways drinking fluids cannot. When fluid is drunk, over 70% of it is absorbed by the throat and tissues leaving a miserly thirty percent to the rest of the body which is just not enough. IV Therapy is relatively much more efficient than merely drinking eight glasses of water a day. (You should do this though).

How Is IV Therapy done?

The process of IV Therapy is done by injecting nourished fluids directly into the bloodstream, where they spread, traveling to the parts of your body that require hydration the most. The benefits of IV Therapy are listed below:

Benefits of Intravenous Hydration Therapy

  • Beyond Fluids; Intravenous hydration therapy is holistic in the sense that it is more than just water or fluids. During workouts or whenever you feel dehydrated, it means your body has lost much more than just water. You have lost nutrients in core parts of the body that drinking water or eating fruits will not completely replenish. IV Therapy is targeted at definite areas.
  • Goes Easy on Your Systems; the body has a limit, the digestive system likewise has a limit of fluids it can take it. Could you drink a liter of water at a go without feeling bloated? Exactly the point. This limit limits the hydration of the body. IV therapy essentially delivers enough fluid to the body without depending on the limits of the digestive system.
  • Gets you on your feet faster; if you had a hangover the previous night, the fastest way to get your entire system up and running again; muscles ready to work, brain clear and defined, eyes sharp, and the will to do more is through energy iv Therapy.
  • Minimal Side Effects; IV Therapy isn’t general, it is customized for the individual after taking a whole good look at the needs of the person. It is better than supplements and many self-growth drugs.
  • All-round Wellness; Intravenous Hydration Therapy helps keep both the body and mind sharp, alert, and ready for the world. IV Therapy could help reduce the effects of anxiety and sometimes depression by improving the clarity of the mind. The hydration process is key to a healthy body hence the mantra “Drink at least eight glasses of water daily”.  IV Therapy improves the agility of the body a great deal.
  • Health Benefits; IV Therapy does a little more than multivitamins. Medical practitioners have employed this Hydration therapy to help treat asthma, migraines, and combat allergies and accelerate wound healing.
  • For Athletes; Athletes are proof of what the body can do. Extending and pushing the body to its full limit and as such, they require all the hydration, nutrients, and vitamins they can get to sustain the body. Intravenous Hydration Therapy provides just about enough nutrients and even amino acids to the body to halo improve their cognitive abilities and body strength, often helping them do better.
  • Rehab; for previous drug addicts in the detoxification stage, IV Therapy helps to deal with the pains of longing from detaching oneself from the previously abused substance.


Intravenous Hydration Therapy has proven to be very essential to many parts of human lives and not just for anorexia.