All about electric driving in Europe

Electric vehicles are gaining ground in Europe. With rising fuel prices and the unabated environmental impact of fossil fuel cars, this seems only natural. Europe is becoming increasingly well equipped for electric vehicles. But what do you need to know when travelling through Europe with an electric car?

Do not count on the full range

Although the range is of course a good indication, it is actually only attained under ideal circumstances. On long stretches of motorway, most electric cars consume a lot more of its battery. It is wise to count on eighty percent of the potential. That way, you’ll be safe and thereby, at eighty percent you’ll drive most efficiently.

Adjust your speed

Long journeys in an electric car are not for those who like to drive fast. Above 96 kilometres per hour, the energy consumption of most electric cars increases exponentially. So, if you drive around 100 kilometers per hour, you will be able to cover the most distance. Of course, it is possible to drive faster, but then it is necessary to plan more charging moments.

Charging on location

Not every destination has charging stations. It is therefore important to research this carefully. Think for example of parking spaces at campsites, hotels and flats. Fortunately, navigation systems can provide extensive and sufficient insight into the locations where you can charge your car by means of extensive  EV charging stations dataset. So, you can see in advance where you can plug in your car.

Which network?

There are several charging networks and providers in Europe. However, in many cases it is most convenient to charge at the larger, well-known providers. In practice, this is also the easiest as they are located next to motorways and public places. Charging at such networks brings you several advantages. For example, in many cases they are open 24 hours a day and they accept virtually all European charging cards. Thanks to the EV charging data, navigation systems can already tell you a lot about the networks you will encounter on the way to your destination.