Airsoft Guide For Beginners

It will include tips and purchases for those who want to start playing Airsoft with the least amount of doubts possible.

1. Essential

Being over 18 years old (4th Category weapons can be owned while underage, but they are not generally allowed in games).

Use eye protection glasses that comply with the impact resistance approval (see following sections).

Know the rules of the game, power limits, and safety distances. Each field puts the ones it wants, but this is the most widespread (with some other variation).

Catalan Federation of Airsoft

Common sense. Something that is not always seen in the fields.

Register airsoft markers as 4th category weapons in the municipality where we are registered.

2. Eye protection

The use of mesh glasses is strongly discouraged. Although its resistance to impact is (in some cases) high, the ball can fragment in said impact, and nothing will prevent the fragments or splinters from damaging our eyes.

Below I attach the European approval (EN) for impact resistance, together with its American equivalent (Z) :

EN166 S = Z87 (these are made of acetate and similar materials, very light but do not withstand an impact at high speed). Not suitable.

EN166 F = Z87 (glasses type, that is to say, temple glasses) hold up to 0.87 Joules, clearly insufficient to play. Not suitable.

EN166 B = Z87.1 + (goggles type, that is, goggles with rubber) hold up to 6.2 Joules. Fit to play

EN166 A = Z87 + (welding shield type) resist more than 15 Joules. Suitable for playing.

Some goggles only achieve EN166B level when used in conjunction with a tether strap. Using a strap ensures that the glasses do not fall on us at the worst moment, such as in the middle of a race or that after an impact they are dislodged and the next we remove them.

I recommend the use of totally closed glasses, apart from the greater protection they offer, because in some fields the use of “temple” glasses is prohibited.

I use the following glasses, which I have recommended to several people and they are comfortable with them:


Threetypes of polycarbonate lens with their cases, carrying case, “open” position to improve airflow and prevent fogging, carrying case, protective cover for glasses.

If you eliminate the “anti-dust” foam, it is quite difficult for them to fog up, as long as you use the cloth with anti-fogging liquid that some of them bring. Make sure to clean the glasses with some cloth first (the cover itself) so you don’t turn the anti-fog cloth into a dirty black piece of cloth.

For those who seem very expensive, I leave you another model that is spoken well, although I have not tried it:


Of protection EN166F (insufficient) if they are used “bareback” and with protection that rises to EN166B (suitable) if the clamping rubber is used, since apart from the resistance to impacts, the rubber prevents them from being moved by these.

3. facial protection

Although this section is optional, I recommend everyone to take it into account. A direct shot to a tooth can easily break it, maybe it’s unlikely or bad luck, but given the number of balls you will receive throughout the games, it is a matter of numbers.

Now that the Chinese have released the copy of the Stalker masks at an unbeatable wreck, so they are seeing a lot on the playing fields. This copy uses a softer and lighter mesh than the original, so it is easily moldable so that it is comfortable for us. If you use ESS V12 glasses as I have recommended, the part of the nose can become annoying, making it necessary to mold them.

4. Scoreboard

After glasses, the most essential for the practice of this sport.

Recommending a marker is a complicated subject, the options are huge, and there are many determining factors.

If you are going to start in this, know that you need a budget of about € 200 just for the marker (apart from the cost of protections).

You have 3 options

Acquire a second-hand marker. So for a moderate price, we will have a primary marker with improvements, ready to play as soon as we receive it.

Buy a good pistol (around € 150), so we think about which primary to buy and save for it while we have a good secondary marker already purchased. Many players do not like this option because “it is too small for them.” However, it is an option to consider because over time most players acquire a secondary market, and buy a better primary one. In this way you directly acquire the secondary market (which in many cases will shoot better than the primary one you could want) in addition to the fact that when using it you acquire “awareness and awareness” regarding distances, shooting in semi and you learn not to waste shots.

Two brands are generally recommended

KJW: Their CO2 models, which also accept Green Gas chargers (and not vice versa) are made of metal and with a good blowback (recoil). In addition, by working with CO2, they ensure that performance will not be affected by temperature variations as happens with Green Gas. The problem is its chargers, which leak in 90% of cases, although it is very easily fixed.

Tokyo Marui:  Pistols famous for their quality and performance. Despite being made of plastic, they have very good finishes and the chargers are not so prone to leakage. As they are operated by Green Gas, they have less blowback and the power of the shot can be affected by low temperatures. They are not entirely recommended for cold areas such as the north of the Peninsula.

The third option is to buy an AEG (automatic electric gun) marker. And of course, within this option several sub-options are depending on your tastes:

If you like Kalashnikovs (the AK47 and AKM being the most famous) the best option is CYMA.

CYMA AK 74 CM050 CYMA is a Chinese manufacturer that in its latest runs is manufacturing very good AKs (the series numbered CM.040 onwards ) with various material options: Metal, real wood, plastic …

These markers come with power runs and need to be changed to the pier. And like all Chinese, the battery and its charger are not a big deal.

Other options: The rest of the options are very wide, the offer in the market is not small. But with M4 and AK 60% of the players are happy. If you are interested in another model, do not hesitate to contact me or inform yourself in the large forums in the country.

As the games unfold, you must decide the following

  1. If you are going to dedicate yourselves seriously to this, and if so, how much money can you dedicate to it. It is not a cheap hobby.
  2. What role do you want to play: Assault, Support, Sanitary, Sniper, Marksman…
  3. What other things you will need to continue playing.
  4. Is there a team in your area that you can join?

At this point, you have to investigate, ask, compare, read, test material, and other tasks until you know what you want, and of course, get it.

After this comes the marker registration process to obtain the 4th category weapon card. In each municipality the requirements change so it is best to ask at your town hall: they can request a psych technician, a criminal record certificate, or individual fees. What they will always ask is that they have an identification number engraved on the body.

5. Uniform

The uniform is quite important, especially so as not to destroy the clothes you wear every day. If you are going to belong to a team you will have to acquire the uniformity that they impose. In case you play for free or there are no restrictions, you must take into account:

Some games (few in general) differentiate the sides by a camouflage pattern. It is convenient to have 2 different uniforms.

Buying surplus material (surplus from an army) is usually the best option about value for money since you buy original material manufactured to withstand intensive use.

Chinese and inexpensive uniforms do not usually perform well. Sometimes the fabric breaks completely with use, they wear excessively, the seams come undone, they fade when washed …

It is also important to take into account the environment in which you play as well as the fields and choose a pattern accordingly.

That’s all for now, for anything, ask in this same entry and Check Out this kind of review here. Due to the excitement, we might forget some obvious things that we have to consider. “Are airsoft guns dangerous?”  “How much is that gonna cost me?” “Will I be using this multiple times and not forget it in my garage after only being used for few times?”  These are only some of them and depending on your situation, there’s still more.