Air Jordan 12 And Its Signature Monochromatic Look

The Air Jordan 12 was first released in 1996 and featured five colorways. They were the first Air Jordan to feature Zoom Air which makes them unique. In 2003, they became a classic fashion with the Air Jordan Retro’s first run as the only online exclusive Jordan Brand. More so, these Air Jordan shoes were only available to ‘Team Jordan’ members. The team received individual notifications to purchase the shoe at specific times.

Today, a few Air Jordan shoe models are more important because they carry a significant history in the signature line. This includes the Jordan 12, which incorporates a unique design, making it among the favorite Air Jordan shoes. The introduction of the Air Jordan low-top retro in 2004 gave it more value in terms of design.

The Basics

The Air Jordan 12 first debuted with three colorways; white, black, taxi and more colorways followed in 1997. Five original versions followed, with all of them featuring a Bulls color scheme. However, the Obsidian colorway was available in dark blue and white. Several designers contributed to the design of different models, which are seen today.

Among them include Tinker Hatfield, who helped design one of the classic Air Jordan models. Primarily, it was motivated by the Japanese ‘Rising Sun’ flag insignia. The bold motif was integrated into the shoe through a sizable solid leather panel from the midfoot to the toe. More lines stitched and ran across the diverged upper section of the shoe.


The Air Jordan model is quite efficient when it comes to traction. The shoe itself features a similar fashion to that of Herringbone; hence works the same. However, first-time users can find it a bit out of traction. That is, the shoe requires the feet to be planted and pushed from the base. Those with light feet will find the round edges of this Air Jordan pointless and likely to slip or lose balance unless they learn how to balance and get better traction.


The 12 was the only Air Jordan shoe first to integrate Zoom Air with a full-length unit. The unit runs from the heel to toes enveloped in a Phylon midsole. It also improved from the Air Jordan 11, more specifically with a carbon fiber midfoot support shank. The upper section of the shoe is designed solely with full-grain leather. The tech adopted by this Air Jordan model has made it extremely durable.


These Retro are great shoes that fit well, especially with the 2021 model with a half-inch size increase. If there’s a problem with fitting, a double sock or using an extra insole can readily solve the problem. The latest Jordan brand seems a little larger hence opting for previous models can be quite useful for small feet fans. Meaning, going with Retros released back in 2012 can be an excellent choice for some wearers.

Like most leather-based sneakers, this Air Jordan comes with a midfoot and heel lockdown which are great for this Retro model. First, the leather will stretch and later fit well when tied tighter. Again, they have adjustable laces, making them suitable for various foot sizes. Namely, these Retro shoes can work with different people irrespective of size.


The 12 lacks ventilation despite the mesh fitted in some sections of the shoe. This means that there isn’t any airflow, but some people who don’t mind about ventilation can find it the best choice. The lack of ventilation is the negative feedback most Jordan lovers have brought out. Still, those in love with this model have found it the best latest Retro 12 model they have today.

Designers, however, seem to have a solution to this despite the shoe lacking a ventilation mechanism. The Air Jordan model is quite comfy and warm but with the right sock. The covering gives it a boost, primarily with its new tech features. Those who don’t mind about ventilation can find the 12 a suitable choice in the Jordan Brand.


Since its inception several years ago, this Air Jordan has something for everyone. Several basketball players have worn the shoe throughout different seasons. Different people have also found the shoe an excellent choice when combined with various dressings. For this reason, it has become among the most excellent options in promoting fashion.

The overall fit, design, and tech give it unconditional support to various groups. When considering the Air Jordan shoe, the 12 can be a one-off choice across different models available. Just like its predecessors, these shoes tend to give everyone something unique.

Quality Inspired by The Greatest Player in History

Air Jordan XII’s lineage dates back to the mid-1990s when the greatest basketball player Michael Jordan inspired these Retro shoes’ design. The process began when Jordan branded off Nike and founded the Jordan Brand in 1997. In other words, the Air Jordan 12 was the first shoe under Jordan’s brand officially.

The Air Jordan 7-11 were also inspired by Jordan but were under Nike logos printed on the insoles. But with the Jordan Brand coming into action, the 12 expanded its market and created more models in the following years. Today, the Air Jordan 12 is among the most popular shoe models globally, again being a more marketable and profitable sneaker among different brands.


The 12 is one of Air Jordan’s favorite shoe models among wearers and fans in general. It stands out from the Retro line delivering an exciting feeling among Jordan Brand lovers. However, the lack of ventilation and being guard-free makes them a bit unsuitable for the general population. Still, the Jordan 12 continues to deliver the best products in the market that are recognized worldwide.

At a glance, for those looking for a shoe with a Retro style, high-tech design, excellent fit, unique cushion, and sound material, the Air Jordan XII presents all these features. It has a great look and brings that feeling most wearers desire. The Air Jordan evolution continues to satisfy Jordan Brand fans, mostly with this shoe outshining most of today’s performance designs.