Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock is a fictional superhero published under Marvel Comics. The character debuted in the comic series Fantastic Four issue #66 and #67 that runs from September to October 1967, and Thor series issue #163 to #166 from April to July 1969. Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby originally created Adam Warlock. Later on, Roy Thomas and Jim Starlin developed the character.

The Creation: From ‘Him’ to Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock was initially known as “Him.” He is an artificial being created by a group of mad scientists called The Enclave, as part of their work to develop a perfect and invincible human being. While he was being formed, enclosed in a large cocoon, ‘Him’ sensed that his creators intended him as a part of the army that would soon conquer the world. Subsequently, after ‘Him’ had emerged from his large cocoon with strong cosmic superpowers, he rebelled against the evil scientists who created him. He had injured his creators, and destroyed their laboratory complex, The Beehive, before departing the planet. However, he didn’t get far because he was trapped in an asteroid shower. ‘Him’ was rescued by a being known as Uatu, the watcher, and sent him back to Earth. Years later, the Enclave tries to create another ideal artificial human, following Kismet’s birth, known as “Her.”

During his stay on Earth, ‘Him’ discovers the existence of the Asgardian deity named Sif, and decides that he wants her as his mate. This afterward results in the fight between Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder, and ‘Him.’ After ‘Him’ realized that he could not beat the god of thunder, he then passively escape by enclosing himself on a cocoon.

He was eventually found by a group of human geneticists, the High Revolutionary. During that time, the High Revolutionary was about to complete an artificial planet called the Counter-Earth, located on the sun’s far side. The Counter-Earth was supposedly an Earth-like world that was free of an evil being, but a creature called Man-Beast had introduced evil to the newly created planet. The High Revolutionary decided to destroy the planet, but ‘Him,’ who just came out of his cocoon, persuaded the group to send him to the Counter-Earth and save it from the Man-Beast.The High Revolutionary renamed him to Warlock and provided him one of the Infinity Gems, the Soul Gem. While on the Counter-Earth, Warlock had met and befriended a young inhabitant who named him Adam.

Comic Journey as Adam Warlock

After defeating the Man-Beast, Adam leaves the Counter-Earth. While traveling through space, he encountered an intergalactic religious organization called ‘Universal Church of Truth,’ led by Magus. To oppose the corrupt Magus, Warlock form an alliance with Pip the Troll, Gamora the assassin, and Thanos of Titan. Subsequently, Warlock had discovered that Magus is his own future version, who traveled in time after the Soul Gem had driven him to insanity. Adam Warlock then altered his timeline by visiting the future. He steals the Soul Gem as well as Magus’ soul in order to stop him from ever existing.

After seeing his own death, but not knowing exactly when, Warlock continues his journey. Warlock then learned about the other Infinity stones after a cosmic entity called The Stranger had attempted to steal the Soul Gem. During this time, Thanos possessed these other gems with the intention of destroying the sun. Consequently, Warlock decided to help the Avengers, Moondragon, and Captain Marvel to stop Thanos and his evil plans.Warlock’s younger self appeared during the battle and took Warlock’s older soul. His present self was then trapped inside the Soul Gem, where he reunited with the souls of Pip and Gamora, who died after Thanos causes them mortal harm. However, Warlock’s soul was temporarily released from Soul Gem, allowing him to turn Thanos into a stone and save Earth.

Once Thanos was resurrected, He again started collecting the Infinity Stones and formed it into the Infinity Gauntlet. Silver Surfer and Drax the destroyer were also captured inside the Soul Gem after opposing Thanos. In the Soul Gem dimension, Silver Surfer and Drax met Warlock and convince him to help them defeat Thanos. Warlock then transmits himself into a new body, leads a group of superheroes, and defeat Thanos. He obtains the Infinity Gauntlet after defeating Thanos and become a near-supreme being of the universe.

Superpowers and Abilities

The artificial genetic structure of Adam Warlock gave him bones and tissues much denser than normal human beings. It also granted him superhuman strength, durability, endurance, agility, and reflexes. Along with his superhuman powers, he has a multi-compartmental brain that gives him cosmic awareness. Warlock was also able to build a cocoon around himself ever since his birth. This cocoon helps to protect and heal his body as well as to resurrect himself from apparent death.

In the comic series, Warlock has reportedly been able to create explosive forces of cosmic blasts using his hands. He can also fly at great speed, create solar vortices, as well as flame barriers and molecular walls. In addition, Warlock can read minds, communicate telepathically, neutralize machinery, and was strong enough to withstand Thor’s Mjolnir’s blows. As the Soul Gem’s wielder, Warlock can sense the souls of all other beings, absorb them, and put them inside the soul world, a dimension inside the gem. Adam can also temporarily restore a soul to its body to communicate with it.

However, during his numerous rebirths and evolutions, Warlock no longer needs the Soul Gem’s power as he already learned how to control metaphysical energy. This power gives him the ability to manipulate matter, souls, energy, and teleportation.

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