A Sneak Peek into Samoan Wedding Gowns and Dresses

Samoan brides that are ready to tie the knot take ample time to select a wedding gown that best fits as well as complements their figure. Therefore, it is vital to choose one at least a couple of months ahead of the D-day to avoid disappointment. When purchasing a Samoan wedding dress, a couple of factors need consideration: the wedding type, body type, and price.

How do Samoans prepare wedding Gown Fabrics?

Samoa brides generally make their wedding gowns with tapa cloth obtained from mulberry barks. At the same time, some make it with siapo, a fabric made from hardwood barks. This fabric is vital during weddings, where the culture needs brides in wearing a wedding gown created from this fabric. Besides, when people present the married couple with gifts, high chiefs and village maidens wear siapo cloth. Even during teuila, Samoans wear a dress from tapas and siapos.

Makers of siapo cut and soak the hardwood tree barks till it gets pulpy, lay the same on the ground, followed by scraping the water with various shells. Later the material is left to dry under the sun before using red clay and rubbing the same with wet pads. It turns the fabric soft to stitch, thus helping them create a wedding gown from it. Besides, there are several wedding gowns too made with silk fabrics with Samoan patterns and designs.

Tips to Purchasing Samoan Wedding Gowns Online 

A bride can buy or rent a contemporary Samoan wedding dress online by logging onto sites that sell such dresses to receive recommendations for where they can obtain that clothes at fair prices. Post getting the website list, one needs to visit each to identify the stores online which give the finest offers. Various online stores that rent out or sell these gowns offer visual images of dresses that are accessible. People must have a credit card that is valid to enable effective transactions. Several online stores offer additional services like transporting the wedding gowns, while few offer customers good discounts that purchase a few items from the store. For best wedding gowns, make the most of Janets Samoa.

Choosing a Samoan Wedding Dress Pattern and Color 

A Samoan wedding gown generally has patterns that make it more beautiful. Women have the option to select white, cream, brown, or black background colors for wedding dresses. A traditional Samoan wedding dress is colorful as these are made of barks. A bride can choose white wedding gowns with patterns in light brown on them, making the gown attractive and unique. Generally, siapo makers decorate a wedding dress one/two days before the actual ceremony. So do not forget to instruct your designer about your choices.

Samoan wedding gowns have something extraordinary about them and brides look gorgeous on their special day. No wonder that the designers select and make with so much detailing and care incorporating many wonderful features. So what are you waiting for? Book your’s today and make your D-Day a highly memorable one.