A Simple Way to Convert Emails from eM Client to PST Outlook

Are you looking to convert your eM Client to Outlook, and you don’t know if it is possible? This post has all the information you need to help you convert eM Client to Outlook in several steps.

eM Client is known to only work on Windows OS, and this client email also has additional features and functions such as chats, contacts, tasks, as well as calendars. The email client also has a quick search feature, a productive sidebar, and backup features that make it special.

Despite its exclusivity to Windows OS, it can easily be converted to PST Outlooks, Gmail, and even MS exchange because it is IMAP and POP supported.

If you’re looking to convert emails on eM Client to Outlook, you can either do it manually or through the help of a migration tool that will copy and covert all files and messages to PST in no time.

Manual Conversion Method

The manual conversion method is more difficult and time-consuming, but you can get it right with this guide.


  1. The first thing you will do is open your eM Client and locate the folder you want to work on.
  2. Then, you select all the files that you wish to convert to eM client within the folder.
  3. Proceed to rick-click when you place the cursor on the emails you have selected. In the options, you will see ‘Save As’
  4. Select the destination where your extracted files should be moved to in Outlook, and your emails will be saved as .eml file extensions.

If you’re dealing with bulk files, then the process is quite different. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the Menu, click on select file, and then choose the option tagged ‘export’.
  2. You’ll see the ‘Export Wizard’ appear on your screen with several options. Choose the option that says ‘export to .eml files’ and select next.
  3. Go on to specify the folder you wish to export. It could be your sent items, inbox, drafts, and even spam emails or those in your trash. Once you have selected them all, click next again.
  4. The last step is to choose your file destination and then click ‘finish’

Using Migration tool to convert eM Client to Outlook

Migration tools make it easy for you to move all your files from eM Client into Outlook in easy steps. The tool helps you to migrate the files while maintaining the structure of the folder.

When the migration is complete, all you need to do is provide your passwords and you’ll be able to use Outlook for all your emails.

Features of This Migration Tool

This migration tool like EmailAdepts retains all the properties of the emails and files you are migrating into Outlook, as well as the file structure.

You can use this tool to migrate emails into separate PST Outlook files or have all the emails in a single file.

You can also transfer all attached files, and export mailing lists and contacts while you’re at it. Your email service accounts can also be migrated into PST Outlook.

Finally, this migration tool supports a long list of Outlook options, including versions 2007 to 2021, as well as Outlook 365.